Correct me if I'm wrong

  • But can't you order a muzzleloader online and get it shipped to you?

    I'm in need of a new muzzleloader and I think I'm going to get a TC Triumph, the local gun stores want to much, but can't I just order it online? no FFL? No big deal if I can't but i thought you didn't need to.

  • I'm pretty sure that's true for most states. I'm sure there are certain models that doesn't apply to, but I just did a quick search and found many instances of people buying them and having them shipped directly to their house.

    Heck, even a local felon can be found at the local firing range with black powder guns. They can't stop him, because they aren't considered "firearms."

  • That's what I thought.

    This years rifle experience has soured me, so I'm thinking Muzzleloading might be all I do next year. I'm not a fan of the CVA Wolf I have now and that's why I quit Muzzleloading.

  • I see a lot about this critter when it comes to muzzle loaders.

  • Yup those are beauties, out of budget for now. One day one of those, or one of the smokeless muzzleloaders would be a dream.

    It is fun to watch the Gunwerks crew smack animals at 800+ yards with those things.

  • I have a cva apex and it is fine for the price. It is much nicer than my dads or brothers basement model cva, but it is far from a gunwerks. It will shoot about 2" group at 100 after the bore is fouled. Second round falls almost 3" from a clean barrel shot. I also have to take the ram rod out to get consistent results.

    The apex cannot be shipped to home and it requires a 4473 because it can accommodate rifle barrels as well. I don't know about the Thompson, but if it can also be a rifle it will need an ffl transfer.

  • New smoke pole arrived. Now I can grab another tag and see if I can get a buck on some public land and the few quarters we have that see deer.


    Next year it'll get a scope.

  • What components did you end up going with?

    209 primers?

    Let us know how it shoots.

  • @dddoo7

    Yea, unfortunately it's a bit late for me to be testing a bunch of stuff, so I'll be going with the components I have on hand.

    The gun is a T/C Triumph

    Hodgdon 777 60grain 50 cal pellets (I can get my hands on 50 Grain pellets if they don't work)

    Hornady XTP Bullets I can't remember the grain off hand

    Then Winchester 209.

    I'm a bit unprepared at the moment. Next year I think I'll be trying Blackhorn 209 and Barnes Spitfires and Hornady Monoflex.

    Pistol bullets just don't stand up to 1600+ FPS it seems.

  • @rhyno
    I have some of the Barnes spitfire t-ez. I've only shot 1 doe at 70ish yards, but it blew out a huge hole through the ribs. She made it about 40 yards, and blood/chunks the hole way through the snow

  • I use T-ez Barnes bullets too and I have more deer drop within 10 yards than ones that run more than 10.

  • Got her cleaned and got everything set up for the most part in my bag for muzzleloading.

    Gonna go sight it in tomorrow during lunch probably, it's supposed to be a nice warm 15ish degrees.

    Oh also, clean your new rifles, first patch:

  • I got it sighted in today, wow I forgot how dirty 777 was.

    I hear Blackhorn 209 isn't and that's one reason I want to switch, 777 is nasty stuff.