Can you take honest shots?

  • When you take a shot, is it honest? Those of you that have been through our precision rifle fundamentals class knows what I mean by that question. Those that have not, might not. It means, when you shoot, do you know why your bullet goes where it does?

    Here's a perfect example of what happens if you can't make honest shots. ... and it's hilarious too.

  • Poor rabbit.

    His two hits look like they landed near each other. Just way high haha.

    Should have been a fairly easy shot.

  • @rhyno said:

    His two hits look like they landed near each other.

    Exactly my point. If he was capable of making an honest shot, he would have adjusted based on his first miss, and dropped the deer. ... or at least had a better chance of it. Instead he ignored what he saw, and assumed he yanked it, because he didn't trust himself. It's born of inexperience, and lack of formal training.

  • Not once, but twice. I know videos can be deceiving, but it didn't even look like a far shot at all. I mean how much did they guy hold over for a 100-200 yard shot?

  • I don't think he was holding over.

    I think he was holding dead on... missed, and instead of trusting that he made an honest shot and adjusting for the followup, assumed it was him, and aimed exactly where he had for the prior shot.

  • Your probally right.

    Before the season opened here, I saw a ton of "hunters" at the public range sighting in their rifles for the upcoming season. Guys couldn't hit a 10" circle at 200 yards, or hold better that a 4" group at 100. I don't know if that makes the deer safer, or if they will just end up wounded.

  • What are the odds of nailing a rabbit like that! :joy:

    Absolutely silly that he missed twice. Common sense would be to adjust and shoot again...not assuming you pulled it or whatever. AND if you really think you pulled it that horribly, then maybe you should reconsider some more training before hunting again. :neutral_face: