look what showed up today

  • imgur.com/1YL4qaU

    Thank You Greg

  • My pleasure sir. Thank you!

    Can't wait to see some pics on your rifle. :)

  • Nice! You will like it.

  • I need to figure out this pic thing tech challenged. This is a 6br 8 twist will be shooting 105 Barts and 107 smk's. Put a dozen through it yesterday and will need some more load development but the 107's with 30 gr of varget put them in a small hole. That load is on the edge though so will need to do some OCW work. I have higher rings and an Atlas bipod on order. That scope is awesome. The reticle is pure genius, very clean. The glass is superb, but the best features are the controls and the tooless zero. I needed the red staples button.( that was easy).
    Quick Pic

  • Instead of copying the imgur link, copy the direct link.


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