Feel free to invite your friends folks!

  • We aren't quite ready for a full scale public launch as of yet, but we could stand to have a few more active members to help us test the inner workings of the site. So, if you know some people that think would be a great fit for this community, go ahead and give them an invite to Gunhive! Please no public posts just yet, but if you want to send them a PM or email inviting them over, please do!

    We haven't received much in the way of bug reports, so things must be working relatively well. Might as well get a few more bodies poking buttons. ;)

  • Ok, we're ready for the curtain to be pulled back! Go ahead and post about Gunhive.com EVERYWHERE!

    We need to get the word out, so tell every gun owner you know, in any way you can about this new community we've built for them! If this site is going to grow, it will be you users that will grow it. We thank you for your help and continued support!

    If you need some help figuring out what to say... give this a try:

    I would like to introduce you to a new firearms community that we are helping grow. The site is www.gunhive.com.

    Gunhive has an emphasis on first hand experience and documentation of your efforts regarding your firearms. It is a firearm collection management software as well as an internet-accessible databook, and much more! You can add firearm profiles, and choose whether they are publicly viewable, or private. Then you can add specific barrels to those firearms. After that you can add load data, range reports, and load development sessions which will all automatically update your barrel log. You can add pictures along the way, to fully document your shooting experiences and learn more from those experiences than ever before.

    The Load Data section of the site will allow you to do research on what others are shooting, and for the first time ever, be able to click into that data to do research on the competency of the user that posted the data by looking at his range reports and round counts.

    There is also a free Classifieds section, which will allow you to sell firearms and all manner of other things quickly and easily.

    The "Blacklist" is a place to post and research stolen firearms. If one of your firearms are stolen, you can list it here so individuals, pawn brokers, and gun shops can check on a firearm before purchasing it.

    We also have a Forum where you can hang out and conversate with other users in real time! Our forums offer some of the most advanced community functionality that is currently available anywhere. The community is new, but growing, and we would love to see you stop by and join in on the discussions.

    Gunhive is designed so that you can take advantage of it's abilities while still maintaining your participation in other communities that you like. You can link directly to your various firearm profiles, classified ads, and range reports to save you time when discussing things outside of the gunhive community!

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you on Gunhive.com!

  • Alrighty then...:smiley: