• Birds are starting to sing, sky is turning orange, squirrels are jumping in the trees. It is a great morning to be hunting.


    As I was in the process of typing the above...a couple for walked up. It was not big...but it is meat in the freezer and one less deer to eat the corn.

  • We're getting ready for tomorrow, if it were up to me we'd have this shit done 3 months ago.

    We'd also be in the stands by 3am as well instead of at sunrise like normal, but I don't even fight it anymore.

    Here's what I'll be sitting in all weekend.


  • Ugh. The people around here and the way the majority "hunt" makes me wish I had kevlar lined walls.

    Seriously. Every single day on opener deer season I think about my kids... and the fact that all these fools running around horsepower hunting will be launching bullets all over the place without much care of anything. Our season doesn't start for another week here.

    Those of you hunting; have fun, be safe.

  • I don't like hunting in a crowd either. I have a friend here that is a farmer. He has one field that he lets me shoot in...but not hunt. And then he has this field that he lets me hunt in. It is 100 acres in crop (corn this year) backed up to about 55 acres of woods. He constantly has people asking to hunt on him...for which he can easily respond that he already has someone hunting all his land (others hunt his other fields). It is also easy for me because when someone asks me to take them hunting I can tell them that it is not my land...I can't take you. I would hate to have to hunt WMA land...places where you can see three orange vests from anywhere you sit.

    He also planted a cover crop this year of radishes, turnips, and I think wheat. The deer are going crazy over the turnip greens.

    Good luck with the hunt rhyno. I typically get in my blind about 1 hour before sunrise. Shooting starts 30 minutes before...and the deer was shot this morning right at sunrise. I have killed many in that 1/2 hour before to arrive to the blind late is to sacrifice a very important 30 minutes of hunting.

  • I'm jealous of all of you. Our season ended back in September. There's a few special hunts open still, but they're lottery only.

    I'm very fortunate to have 1500 acres of private club land that I get to hunt and shoot on, but it's just as how Orkan describes. Half the group is over 60 and they ride around in WWII jeeps with coolers full of beer, chain smoking and glassing from the road.
    Then they expect the younger guys to drive the deer to them as they sit spread out on the road.

    We also don't step out the door till actual legal light after having a full hot breakfast.

    I've seen (heard rather), a buck I jumped, shot at 9+ times by at least 3 different people, and he still got away.

    I count myself lucky to have a place to go, but also lucky that I haven't caught one of those bullets.

  • I feel you orkan, I have heard many ricochets, and have in the line of fire many times.

    Road hunters are terrible around here.

    Anyways like I predicted we kicked up a ton of deer. 8 or so actually and then I saw another decent, but young 4x4 leaving.

    Hopefully we didn't scare them off.

    Honestly I'm surprised that area gets hunted pretty hard. I also found out there's a couple land owners that want us to take 20 does off of their land this year.

    That's my least favorite type of hunting, it's not hunting really, but it needs to be done, and its cheap meat.

  • @orkan said:

    er deer season I think about my kids... and the fact that all these fools running around horsepower hunting will be launching bullets all over the place without much care of anything. Our season doesn'

    Deer season always has me the most worried....not only being outside but also inside the house. Never know when something might ricochet or worse. Road hunting here is almost a contact sport. It's insane the number of folks who drive by in a matter of minutes.

  • Most of the gear loaded up for tomorrow.

  • Well a successful weekend for most of the party (17 Hunters in the party this year I think I dunno, spread out over a couple places)


    I think if I counted right that's 11 Deer, one isn't ours. So so far we'll split 10 around 17 people.

  • Seems like every time I hunt, I say "dang I need better binos"

    Haha why does everything have to be expensive?

  • Because we're capitalists.

  • A couple pictures from tonight, buddy got a nice buck. I was gonna shoot a doe but I saw a couple of nice bucks and decided not to shoot so someone can try and get one of them later.


    Probably about 30 deer out tonight.