Eberlestock gunslinger 2

  • I recently purchased the eberlestock gunslinger 2 in multicam and wanted to say a few things about it. There are several people doing thorough reviews on it on YouTube...so this is not a thorough review but rather a review as the pack relates to the SRS-A1.

    The rifle fits snugly in there with the TT optics on it, but it does fit. This is the rifle with a 22.5" barrel AND a 9" suppressor attached. I tried it without the suppressor and it was very short and worked equally well.


    The clips that hold the top on are all wrapped to keep them from rattling. I think that we as mentioned as a problem with the x3.


    This is the rifle without the top cover. This is how I normally carry it as it is much more convenient. The top gets in the way and I will only use it when I am traveling or hiking in the rain. The straps that hold the top on also work to hold the rifle in the scabbord...but only one set buckles with the srs in there. When it is buckled the pack can be picked up by the pistol grip of the rifle which is convenient.


    The main inside pocket is plenty big for everything rifle related and a couple days worth of camping gear if needed. This is my cleaning kit, tab gear mat, range finder/kestrel , rear bag, and log. The tab gear bullet binders also fit perfectly in ge bottom of the bag, but mine are on the loading bench right now.


    This is a separate note, but I love this new pouch from TYR tactical. It holds the range finder and kestrel and is padded to protect them.

    The outside top pocket on the pack has two internal pockets that are perfect for dta short action 10 round mags. There is even enough room to keep them from rubbing.


    All in all the pack is comfortable to carry. It is not an osprey in regards to comfort...but very packable considering the weight and awkardness of the load. It does not offer as much protection as the tac ops bag...but it is much more comfortable when carrying the rifle.

  • I'm jealous... the Lodrag I have doesn't have the molle webbing on the side inside the big compartment. I could really have used it! Otherwise there are lots of similarities. It looks like the gunslinger 2 is a bit more thought out however.

  • I too like the molle webbing on the side. I've tried attaching pouches or my Terrapin case to the molle webbing inside the main flap on the LoDrag but it just makes it near impossible to get the damn thing zipped back up.

  • Molle on the inside was a big selling point for me. This thing has molle everywhere.

    I also was going to attach things to the cover...but anything heavier/bulkier than a pocket knife makes it hard to shut.