Typical asshole claiming to be on our side...

  • This is the worst kind of person in the goddamn country. Bar none. The kind of person that claims to be on "our side" but then is so goddamn stupid that they can't even stop themselves from doing the dumbest shit in the entire world on a daily basis.


    I wish I could find out what firearm business that sack of shit owns, so I could add it to my boycott list.

  • Great thought process going on there.... NOT. What a greedy bastard. Wonder how many "friends" in his life have been thrown under the bus.

  • Yup fuck that guy.

  • @rhyno said:

    Yup fuck that guy.


    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • sounds like the guy that owns "cheaper than dirt"

  • I remember this dick from Reddit. He's somewhere in Louisiana iirc

    (This space for rent)


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