Trump wins.

  • Obviously the lesser evil, and now we get to see if he's any different than the rest of the bullshit that occupies all political offices.

  • @orkan Exactly. I'm certainly less nervous about my rights but that's about it.

  • @tscustoms said:

    @orkan Exactly. I'm certainly less nervous about my rights but that's about it.


  • @tscustoms that's what I would be worried about. Letting your guard down....

    I'm happy for you guys. I think he can make a difference and he is sure as he'll a better option than Clinton. I was a bit disappointed about how your system works but I'm glad it worked out at the end.

  • We've known not to let our guard down since 1994. ... when that fucking cunt's husband passed a so-called "AWB."

  • I am hopefully optimistic today, instead of dismally depressed.

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • He can do a lot of good.

    Or not.

    Hopefully he repeals the ACA, and we can push the hearing protection act through.

  • Looks like the safe spaces will be crowded this morning due to the traumatic results.
    Horror and disbelief as their candidate went down in flames on election night are sending millions in search of PTSD counseling.
    Oh, the horror; how dare Donald Trump not give Hillary what was rightfully hers from the beginning.

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • I love it.

    That's my favorite thing about today.

    It will take a long time to see if Trump can/will do anything positive. However, right now, this minute, libtards across the nation are all crying and pissy about it. ... and I LOVE THAT!!!!!

  • I love the not my president shit, we were called racist for doing that.

    Cannot wait for all these fuckers to leave.

  • They will all be spending the next 4 years trying DESPERATELY to find a way to defeat trump.

    It is LITERALLY all they will be doing between now and then.

  • I tried to jerk it to Hillary's concession speech this morning; it was the best thing I've seen in awhile.

    Nothing happened, but I tried.

    I'm sure she and bill are on a plane now, headed to some nice country without extradition.

    I can't wait for all these celebrities who said they're moving from the country if he wins, to move. Fuck them all.

    (This space for rent)


  • Can't upvote that post hard enough. I tried mashing the button.... ;)

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    Watching all the Hillary supporters crying last night, Hillary not coming up to deliver her concession speech last night, Trump coming out delivering his speech, the potential of a great Supreme Court, possibility of national right to carry, reading all the Tweets from people who "didn't know how to explain to their children that a evil racist man got into the White House" and so much more has made me so happy today.

    What will come of it? None of us know yet, but I do hope that things turn around.

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    After watching the coverage last night I knew there would be some of these videos today....and I am so happy to watch it

  • omg I love that video.

  • I don't even know what to say about these assholes.

    You lost, you're the problem, get over it.

  • It's the predictable result when reality comes crashing down on people whom have been living in a fantasy world.

  • All that assault rifle lube. How thoughtful of those liberals for providing us those tears.

  • Hello Hillary, this is the Muslim Brotherhood.
    We want our money back.
    Run if you think you can hide.
    You can't.

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    I love these videos

  • @irish The name of the background music is called In The Hall of The Mountain King.

    That seems rather appropriate.

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