DIY Reloading Shell Holders

  • After a few years of using the cheap universal plastic trays, I found out I really didn't like them. They only hold 50 cases and I work in batches of 100 usually. Then to keep track of what case was done in what ever step I was on, I had to put the case in a another tray, cup, pail something.

    I decided to fix this. I got some poplar from the store, did some quick math, and came up with a layout on paper to align all the holes. Taped the paper over the wood, center punched all the spots, and got to drilling. Finished it off by rounding over all the corners, then with some of my favorite wood stain, and a clear coat. I made it with 120 spaces, so I could keep a gap between the cases done, and not done. Now I can put 100 cases into one board and use less space on my bench.



  • That turned out really great!
    Thanks for sharing your project