Rebarreling & load development...

  • I just thought of a question, even though a barrel replacement is still a ways off. Let's say that for a 6.5CM my load is this: H4350 - 44.9gn, Hornady A-MAX 123gn, CCI #200 primers, & hornady brass. When I get a new barrel, same length as the current one, 26", bull barrel, 1/8 twist, can I just reuse that same load with the new barrel? or do I have to go through the whole load development process (ladder test, OCW, chasing lands, etc.) with the new barrel?

  • @ramirojpc New barrel is going to call for new load development. Barrel is different and will certainly be cut with a different spec'd reamer if going from factory barrel to custom.

  • ^ that. However, if your definition of success is 1/2-3/4moa or there about... a good custom barrel will usually do that without much of a tuned load. So it "can" work. It's just better to do a new load dev. session and be done with it.

  • Thanx for the feedback guys. That makes sense.