New DIY Rifle Sling

  • So I got a little inspiration this morning and decided to make a new sling. For those who don't remember I was making paracord slings about a year ago. I haven't done one in a while and was excited to do this one.

    Its made it two sections, and nothing is sewn on this sling. Which allows easy swapping of different style swivels. The upper section I did 15" of paracord and attached it to a strap adjuster. I drilled a hole in the tab of the strap adjuster and put a small pull tab on it. The lower section is just 45" of strapping. One end has the sling swivel, the other is passed through the strap adjuster. I then just put the loose end into a tri-glide to keep it from handing loose. The sling will adjust from 27" to 54".

    This is at about 40" of sling.

    This is at about 30" of sling.

    With some flush cups and QD swivels this thing will be awesome sauce.