Dandruff Remedy

  • Dandruff Remedy

    This time of year and throughout winter dandruff will come visit the sides of my head. I've tried every dandruff shampoo, essential oil, washing excessively, using coconut oil and just about every other dang "remedy" out there. I don't know why this didn't click earlier but I finally decided to give Baking Soda a whirl. It was instant relief and after one application dandruff hasn't come back.

    Simply pour some Baking Soda into your hand, generously rub all over your scalp making sure you get down to the skin...let it sit there for a few minutes, then rinse off. Repeat as needed.

    Scientists say that dandruff is a candida overgrowth on the scalp (aka yeast infection of the scalp). It happens when the pH balance of your scalp gets out of whack. So it's no wonder why baking soda works instantly. Baking Soda simply restores pH balance back your scalp almost instantly therefore eliminating the yeast and the flakes. If you look at all of the commercial dandruff shampoos and even home remedies they all have ingredients in them that are the same for fighting off yeast overgrowth. So next time dandruff comes for a visit, save your pennies and grab some good ol' baking soda.

  • My wife uses a mixture of baking soda and cider vinegar. Hasn't used commercial shampoo in some time now.