I hate flies.

  • So does my 40X. There's a tree in my yard with all the bark missing. It's white in color and the flies love to sit on it. Handy, considering how easily they are seen on the contrasting background. It's exactly 32yds away from one of my benches. I just sat out and spent a box and half of lapua center x splattering those little devils all over that tree. I don't think I missed but 5 times.




    The Thuderbeast 22 takedown is an incredible can. Thing is quieter than my specter's. Just barely, but it's perceptible. It has a different tone. Just quieter. The 40x lost no accuracy by having it attached, at least none that I could perceive with the 7-10mph breeze today.

  • That's awesome!

  • @orkan I didn't even know you were shooting and I have my kitchen window open...just a few yards from where you were shooting. Normally I'll hear you at least once when you're shooting your 40x. Very impressive.