Moly coated bullets

  • I was given a box of about 400 80 grain SMKs that are moly coated.
    Anyone have any experience running moly coated bullets?
    Should I give them a try or add rice and tumble 'em clean? :confused:

  • I haven't messed with it in years. Once upon a time, most top end shooters started using it. Almost all stopped.

    It's hard to get the bore clean after that stuff gets in there. Like, extremely difficult to get the moly out. Some say that it causes bore corrosion in humid climates.

    Were it' me, I'd get that moly off the bullets before shooting them, unless you were going to continue to shoot moly for the rest of that barrel's days.

  • Thanks Greg, the bullets are going into the rice cooker this a.m. to clean them off.

  • Nine hours and 2 loads of media later.....
    Only 1 retained it's tan...