Thunderbeast .22 Takedown.

  • I've been a fan of the specter II suppressors for years, but I don't care for silencerco with their hipster and flat brim hat bullshit in the least. Thunderbeast came out with a similar design... and I'm happy to report, it's amazing. Quieter than the specter II, looks better, and has the same great disassembly features. I'll need to get a lot more rounds through this one before I can hand out my final verdict, but so far I'm loving it.

    We'll have more of these in stock for sale within the next month or so. If any of you need a good rimfire can, say the word.

    I think all the rest of the cans we have coming are flat dark earth in color.


  • I was curious when you would try these.

  • After you get a few more rounds through it, put my name on one. I would like a good takedown for my 40x.

    I prefer black...but I can get the fde one coated while I wait for the ATF to decide that I can take it home.