Game cameras

  • Like the title says, I'm looking to get some info on game cameras. Brand recommendations, features and general performance

    Who uses them?

    They're not super popular out here due to public land hunting and the fact we usually spot and stalk, but I'd like to grab a couple to put on my deer club just to see what's out there over the winter and figure out what trails they're on as the season gets closer

  • I haven't used any of the new ones. About 5-6 years ago I went through quite a few junky ones before I landed on bushnell game cams. LOVE those things. Simple, and reliable. If I were looking for new, I'd start there.

  • I also had very good luck with the Moultrie game cameras in years past. At the time, they had a $20 solar panel that plugged into all their cameras that would make one set of batteries last the entire season. Nothing pissed me off more than checking a dead camera and put $10 worth of batteries in it again.