I need a new phone

  • Had my phone for 2 years a little over actually, and I guess the internal clock decided it was time for me to get a new phone because it's been a giant POS for the past month. I've re set it multiple times, cleared off data and apps cleared caches and whatever else and nothing seems to help for very long.

    Finally today was the last straw and it wasn't working at all so I threw it against the tractor, and now it's working fantastic. Buy the screen is all busted.

    I'm about ready to throw it in the combine.

    So I need a new phone.

    I don't know much about them besides they cost to much.

    I do pretty much everything on my phone because my computer sucks and I need a new one of those to.

    So anyone got any advice? I'd prefer to stay with Android since that's what I've had and I wouldn't have to buy things over again, but I'm not against getting an IPhone after today.


  • I like my iPhone. It is not the fastest or best hardware out there...but I believe it to be the most user friendly. I HATE that Apple doesn't allow certain things like expandable memory...but it works well overall and is painfully easy to use. I have owned a 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and bought the 6 when it first came out. I decided I was wasting too much money on phonies, so I still have the 6 two years later and intend to keep it a while.

  • Btw-- I'm not an Apple fan. All of my computers are ibm. I just use the phone because I feel like that is the one thing they did right.

  • I too hate apple everything, except their ipads and iphones. I've had an iphone 5s for the last few years. Still have it. Probably won't upgrade to 7 unless I'm forced to.

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    I too have an iPhone. I had the iPhone 4 and then the 5s. After about 2 years they all seem to start getting crappy. I've been able to prolong it with a battery case and a screen protector. iPhones are extremely easy to use and it does everything I want it to. I use it a lot for the tech work I do and it has made my life a lot easier being able to admin from my phone. When I first got the iPhone 4 I was pleasantly surprised at how little maintenance it needed. I would only have to restart it maybe once every 6 months or longer. It just works, which I like. Yes, I do like the custom stuff you can do with an android but I have found their stuff to be clunky and slower compared to my iPhone. I don't have to close down apps that are running in the background because they are taking too much memory.

    I don't like that I don't have the ability to replace a battery easily or add an SD card for more memory....that part I really dislike. I have worked on several phones for customers and I do like the easy transition from going to iPhone to iPhone. You back it up to iCloud and when you get a new phone just type in your credentials and all your stuff is back on there. If you need more storage it is $1/month for 50gb storage.

    I don't know if I will switch to Android unless there are some major changes but I recommend the iPhone when I talk to people.

  • Thats what I figured you two would say haha.

    Well looks like I grab an iPhone 7 probably, at least I'll have an excuse to get rid of my childish email haha.

    Thanks guys.

    @orkan I hope you had a good weekend hunting, I assume you went hunting anyways.

  • Another on the iPhone bus. Same as Irish and Orkan. I was hesitant to get my first iPhone but they're great. iPads and iPhones are awesome. Every other Apple product...not a fan of. I hate their iPods even because you're forced to use iTunes. I like a good ol' MP3 player to drag and drop my stuff onto.

  • I get my phones through work, started out on a Blackberry and we went to iPhones when the 4 came out. I've had a 4, 4S, 6, and just got a 6S last week. My wife has a 6 and our daughter has a 5. So you know what we like.

    One thing to consider though, if you don't want to spend the $700 or sign a 2 year contract with a 7, get a 5 or 6. I paid $50 for my daughters 5, from a Verizon dealer. I bet you can pick up a 6 for $100 right now. Just make sure it's supported by your carrier. Verizon iPhones are different than AT&T ones. Have your number switched to the new phone and move on.

  • @rhyno said:

    @orkan I hope you had a good weekend hunting, I assume you went hunting anyways.

    Why is it when I don't post for a while everyone assumes I'm killing things? :expressionless:

    OK, I confess... that is what I'm always doing.

    Indeed. Great time was had by all.

    well... not, all...


    All humans had fun though!

  • I too have an iPhone. Had the 4 about 3 years, still works great except the lock button. Just upgraded to the 6SE which is basically a 5 with 6 internals because I like not feeling like my nuts are in a vice due to my giant ass phone in my pocket. If my Bluetooth weather meter would match to my 4 I'd probably still be using it but decided to upgrade to a phone it would link to. Over all I feel iPhone is just the easiest to use and is quick to learn. Like they say so easy a caveman can do it.

  • Another iPhone user here. I always skip a version, but now that 3 of my kids are old enough to have phones (teens), I may need to skip 2 versions. I don't like all Apple products, but I do like their phones, iPads, and computers. I used to do photography, and after spending 2-3 hrs a week doing maintenance on my PC, running virus software, removing ad aware, malaware, re-installing Windows & programs, partitioning drives, defragging, etc., it was time to change. I got a Mac for my photography work and I never had an issue, never even had a virus program. That was 9 years ago, and other than for work since they give me PCs, I have all Macs. Since I am familiar with UNIX, and the Mac OS is based on a flavor of UNIX, whatever I can't do through the GUI, I can do in a terminal window. Anyway, just another vote for an iPhone. Best of luck to you.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys, I got a 7 plus coming, hopefully it will last a couple years.

  • @rhyno said:

    Thanks for all the advice guys, I got a 7 plus coming, hopefully it will last a couple years.

    Let me know how you like it. I have never had an Iphone before...and wouldn't buy one...but they look cool. :)

    That's a joke BTW-- don't get mad! lol

  • I never thought I'd buy an iPhone either, I don't like Apple, but Greg and Annihilator are the techyiest people I know so.

    I'm gonna catch loads of shit fr some of my friends.

    Also I'll have to find a new ballastic app.

  • I have Ballistic AE...used it very little but it seems to work fine. I use the AB on my kestrel more than an app.

    Map-o-meter is also nice. I don't have a range finder that will work more than about 800 yards...but the gps in the phone will range it with this app as long as you can walk to both locations...or estimate on the map where they are.

    other random apps that I use are
    tapatalk (for other forums)
    my package pro (for tracking packages)
    gunbroker has a pretty decent app
    If your wife also gets an iphone then wunderlist is nice...it shares shopping lists on more than one phone. I can add stuff to her shopping list from my phone.

  • @dddoo7
    I like anylist over wunderlist. More versatility, better interface & you have the option to use their web version on computers to add to your lists. You can also store recipes, and more. Anylist allows you to do the sharing of lists, adding to one another's lists, etc. like wunderlist.

  • @gash

    Thanks. I'll have to try it.

  • @rhyno said:

    Also I'll have to find a new ballastic app.

    Shooter, Trasol, and BallisticAE are the best and most reliable for the iphone.

    Applied Ballistics is a waste of time. Shit is so broken it isn't even worth installing. Same goes for Lapua's new app. Completely non-functional. At least lapua didn't charge $30 for theirs. Strelok is a piece of shit... don't bother with that one either. Matter of fact, outside of the three I listed above, there are no others worth using.

    Neither shooter, ballistic, or trasol compute for aerodynamic jump, but you can add a tenth or three pretty easy in your head when those wind conditions present themselves. Well, that is true so long as you are familiar with their effects and have confirmed it with each specific cartridge before.

  • I don't know why I keep thinking @Irish is Annihilator, I think that's from a golf forum or something.

  • You guys have any case recommendations?

    I was looking at the otterbox universal since I found a battery thing that works with it.

  • @rhyno

    I haven't tried any of the newer offerings. I have been using the otterbox defender since I had the 4. It works so I haven't tried anything else. BTW...it is not waterproof.

  • Is Magpul making a 7 case? I love my Magpul case on my 6. That with balistic glass has been great.

  • We've always used Otterbox or Griffin Survivor for our iPhones and iPads. Otterbox is a bit more slim...survivor survives more. A device can literally be run over by a car, in a mud puddle and survive if in a Griffin Survivor Case. :fearful:
    I don't know if an Otterbox would have the same outcome.

  • @gash

    I don't believe an otterbox is anywhere near that tough.

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    Griffin Survivor Summit

    Search for Griffin iPhone 7 Plus

    OtterBox Defender

    And if you are going to get an OtterBox I would recommend getting a screen protector. They have already saved me hundreds of dollars in broken screens