Auto Trickler

  • Does anyone have any experience with these? I like the promethius but am having trouble swallowing the price and the 2 yr wait. This option uses the FX120i and an auto trickler. It would come in about $1000 all said and done. It would also completely replace the chargemaster and satorius scale I have allowing me to sell them and recoup some of my expense. The promethius would only replace the chargemaster...not the satorius.

  • Nope, looks sweet. I feel like there might be an old thread on this somewhere.

    If I remember right I think the guy who made it was on the hide.

    There's an option for sartarious, but only one model, I assume it's different then the one you have?

  • That satorius is newer than mine. That also is the thread where I found it originally.

  • Well I'll be looking forward to see what you do, the other option is that yellow vibrating trickler thing.

  • Just to clarify a point: I don't think the prometheus wait is 2 years. At its longest it was about a year, touch over maybe... but these days it's probably been reduced.

  • @dddoo7 did you decide anything? I noticed on my recent bit of reloading my chargemaster would throw a charge then after it beeped it would be .2-.4 grains higher, I'm assuming this was drift, but it has me worried.

    I calibrated it, turned it off and on, in plugged it and nothing changed. Eventually it just started working again.

    I have my suspicions it was power related but I don't know for sure.

  • @rhyno

    I have seen that same drift with mine several times and I always threw that powder back in the hopper. On the test I did with it several months ago I completely threw out any charges that did not hit the target weight AFTER the beep...and the weights were still off by about + or - 0.2 which leaves an extreme spread of close to half a grain.

    currently I am using a lee perfect powder measure, redding trickler and my satorius scale. It is very slow...but I can see each granule of powder and I am confident that the charge weights are precise. I chose to buy a scope for upcoming 40x as opposed to a new scale/auto trickler. I still think I will buy one in the future...but it will probably be a few months.

  • I see, unfortunately I'm not sure upgrading to a nice digital scale will help me, I really think the power coming in just isn't very good (even though I'm running it through a conditioner) the infrastructure around me is terrible.

    This was just my thoughts though.

    I'm thinking maybe if I can find an older 10-10 and send it off to get "tuned" by Scott Parker that might be the best bet for me, that way I won't have to worry about power.

    And maybe it doesn't matter for me, but that drift was annoying.

  • Where is your cell phone when you are using the chargemaster?

  • Usually in the far corner of the room.

    I think I checked this the other day and it didn't make a difference, can't remember for sure though.

  • Hmm may laptop may have been messing it up, usually I have that on the other side of the reloading bench playing music or YouTube videos.

  • Laptop might. I have not noticed a difference on the chargemaster with my phone...but it will make the satorius jump all over the place. I have to leave it in the next room.

  • I also do not believe that chargemaster overthrows are a scale related issue. Mine will overthrow about 10-15 percent of the time...and when it does I can usually see a large group of powder drop out of the trickler all at once. That is a design flaw that is made better with the straw mod and probably even better with the inserts sold on the hide...but still not perfect.

    The scale however itself lacks accuracy and precision as well. RCBS claims that it is + or - 0.1 grain...but from comparing it to my satorius it is a much wider tolerance than that. The scale READS to 0.1 grain...but that does not mean that the powder in the pan weighs what the scale reads.

  • I don't know if this was an overthrow.

    I usually watch it, and before it beeped it would read 42.1 it would stabilize, then it would beep for a second or so after it would read 42.1 then jump up to 42.3-.6 or so.

    I never thought about comparing it to another scale.

    I have a 505 I might try and sharpen the knife edges a bit better and see what I can do with it.

  • @rhyno said:

    I have a 505 I might try and sharpen the knife edges a bit better and see what I can do with it.

    That will just eat the poises faster probably.

    I've learned a lot about beam scales since I've had my Prometheus and been talking to Brand. ;)

    Turns out that it's extremely difficult to get a good scale. Electronic scales can't be trusted and it takes a special beam scale to really perform.

  • Well poo, though I was guessing there was a reason why Scott Parker used only certain models.

    I'm guessing the 505 uses softer poises versus the 10-10 style he prefers.

  • Well I spent most of lunch today looking for a scale that can measure .1 grain or so and at least from what I could find A company doesn't really sell one non digital anyways.

    The closest I could find was .01 grams which would be about .15 grain.

    So yea what Mr. Brand can do and Scott Parker is awesome.

    Seems like I could nab a 10-10 style scale for around $100 off of e-bay and last I saw Scott Parker charged $80 to "tune" it. I'll have to look into that route later.

  • If I were going to spend that much I would go ahead and get a good digital scale. Keep in mind that you can sell your chargemaster and put that money towards it too. Beam scales are painfully slow and frustrating.

  • If I didn't have the money for a prometheus, I'd probably go for a digital scale as expensive as I could afford.

    Those digital scales though. They have ghosts.

  • 0PomyWr.jpg

    All joking aside I suspect a digital analytical balance doesn't have the same issues as say, a chargemaster? Im assuming you keep it clean and conditioned of course.

  • @ragnarnar said:

    I suspect a digital analytical balance doesn't have the same issues as say, a chargemaster? Im assuming you keep it clean and conditioned of course.

    I wish this were true. You can spend $2000 on a lab-grade digital balance and still have to deal with ghosts.