What life will be like in Hillary Clinton’s America

  • What will life be like in Hillary Clinton’s America? It’s a disheartening prospect, but one that must be confronted. It seems the puppet masters are pulling out all the stops in order to set her on the imperial throne of Empire America.

    Americans, I don’t believe, will sit idly by while the Witch and her cabal run roughshod over America for four years, or however long she lives. I personally doubt her health will hold for a full term.

    And I don’t know how long it will take, but a Hillary election will foment revolution of one sort or the other.

    Revolution will be necessary to put America back on a Constitutional track. It will be ugly, but those who are prepared can survive and thrive until we come out on the other side.

    Now, more than ever, we must have food, water, guns and ammunition stored, along with gold and silver and items for barter. Look at Venezuela for an example of Hillary’s America.

    I pity those who live in the cities.