Nosler announces RDF line of match bullets

  • More options is always better!

    RDF Reduce Drag Factor

    Hybrid design ogive
    Long boattails
    Small consistent meplats

    Comming 2017

  • I like seeing some legitimate competition and options versus the Berger hybrids.
    If the BC on the 6mm 105 comes in at an honest .530-.550 that would be just fine.

  • My buddy and I played with a box of 142gr LRAB in his RPR, and we couldn't get them to shoot anywhere near their published BC.

    That kinda turned me off their other offerings, so I'll second Travis when he says honest BCs

    (This space for rent)


  • I remember their listed BC being for 26 Nosler velocities, and most people complaining about the BC numbers were shooting them out of 260/6.5 Creedmoor.

    I could be wrong, I shot some of them but could never find enough in stock to really test them.

    Nope, this was wrong it was way off.

  • Nosler has the BCs listed for all of these now.

    .571 g1 for the 6mm
    .658 g1 for the 6.5mm

    And from the things I've heard these are low.

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