Benchmark AR barrel?

  • Just curious if anyone knows anyone or knows where one could get a Benchmark AR15 barrel.


  • I don't want to speak for Travis, but I'm sure he can do it. The only difference is the install of the shank instead of threading it for an action.

  • I've got a few 7.5 twist AR blanks sitting here for rainy/cold/windy/hell-freezes-over type of day.

    They'll be spendy though relative to your normal AR-15 barrels. Barrel blank is the same cost as a regular barrel, plus chamber the same as a bolt gun, little profiling work for the gas block, gas port hole, muzzle threading, gas block, gas tube, matching bolt and extension - they're going to add up fast. So... I'm not taking orders or giving anybody false hope that they might get one. I might have an extra or two when I do get to them and they'll probably be available for sale.

  • That's good to hear.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to go 6.5mm or 6mm though.

    I haven't been able to find anything on someone doing it with these barrels and was curious, since the barrels are so highly held by you and Greg.

  • 6mm Grendel is what I've been thinking about lately. That be a fun gun to shoot.

  • Haha, exactly what I'm looking into.

    105 Grain Berger VLD running 2600~ out of a 20" barrel. That would be pretty fun I think.

    Parts are a little harder to come by, barrel choices are a bit more limited.

    I dunno.

  • A bullet you may want to look at is Bart's 105 6mm. I have used those and 107 Sierra out of my 6BR. The Bart's has performed.