Some of the dumbest people in the world live in CA.

  • Some of the dumbest people in the world live in CA.

    This is a fact. The calls I take from people in that state boggle the mind. I literally, no joke, in all seriousness had a guy call me just now from CA, looking to buy an SRS-A1 to take in his boat in international waters, as defense against pirates. Asked questions like: "Would a 308 win mag be better, or should I go with a 338 Lapua?" "Should I go with a short barrel?" "Can I conceal this easily?" "Does it come with a drum magazine?"

    I asked, "Is this a prank call?" him - "No sir, it's not a prank call." Silence. him - "Thank you for your time." Me - "yeah. click "

    I hope he falls off that boat and drowns. As if a bolt gun is going to be the chosen method of defending a damn boat against pirates. I figured it HAD to be a prank. Dude had to have been on drugs.

  • Could have sold him an MDR if he didn't live in CA.

  • I don't sell people like that a damn thing. NEVER worth it.

    Half the time I swear it's the ATF just trying to pinch people.

  • I would say that is a smart idea.

    You refusing to sell people like that weapons.

    Not the whole bolt gun for defense against pirates.

  • Why'd you hang up on me Greg?😉

  • @ragnarnar LOL:laughing:

  • lol

  • Pirates don't stand a chance against the S-Arrrrrrrr-S.

  • When I was 4 my family circumnavigated the world on a cruise ship for a program called Semester at Sea. It's a program where university students take classes on a big ship while getting to travel to over 14 countries, and my dad was working on the ship, so (amazingly) my mother and I got to tag along for free. At some point in I believe South-East Asia, a small group of pirates tried to board the ship. I don't remember any of this, but my parents tell me that the ship-mates used fire hoses to just spray the pirates off the sides when they tried to climb off. So next time some prankster calls, just direct him to the nearest industrial hose store!