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  • @ragnarnar Good looking rifle,Be looking forward to a range report.I'll bet it will be a tack driver.I can't wait for Travis to finish my build.

  • @ragnarnar
    Beautiful rifle.

  • That is one sweet looking rifle. Congrats.

  • Still waiting on a range report.I know that rifle has got to be a tack driver.Travis don't build a rifle that can't shoot.

  • @steelbanger
    I live in the Peoples Socialist Republic of California, so theres a ten day waiting period for all firearms transfers. The soonest I can get it will be this Saturday . They must figure this will be the gun I'll use when I finally snap, nevermind the other two dozen or so already in my safe, so they make me wait.

    Other than the couple pictures I posted which Travis sent to me, and the ten minutes or so I got to play with it while doing the DROS papers I haven't seen it either. I'm still waiting on dies, brass and a few other things too. Hopefully I'll be able to get my ducks in a row and have that range report and load development (with shitty hornady dies too, so it won't really count) for you in a month or so.

    I will say however, that LPA razor is amazing. I'm legitimately in disbelief of how little effort it takes. I thought it was broken at first its so light. The bolt lift while cocking it is almost the same as running the action with the hammer already back. I'm not sure if that how it comes or if its something Travis did, but its like nothing else I've ever touched. It makes my Surgeon 591 feel like garbage.

  • Yea that's what I thought when I played with a lone peak arms Fuzion at the training.

    It was truly an eye opening and jaw dropping experience and I have to have one.

    Also did you need to move out of California before they figure out how to find that $400 billion dollar healthcare bill.

  • @ragnarnar said:

    I live in the Peoples Socialist Republic of California, so theres a ten day waiting period for all firearms transfers.

    But governor moonbeam said that all you have to do is drive into Nevada or Arizona to purchase a gun. Thats why all these criminals have guns. Its the free states fault.

  • @ragnarnar I know how ya feel bro,I live in Nj and the gun laws suck.I think your state is worse then mine with its bullshit laws.I hope you get your rifle soon.Good Luck

  • I despise our gun laws. I can buy as many long guns as I want on the spur of the moment and take them home...but if I buy more than 1 handgun in a 5 day period the FFL is forced to send my name and info to the FBI. It is not illegal...just monitored. I would rather avoid any more monitoring than I already I carefully purchase handguns at least a week apart.

  • I know its been awhile since this thread started. Just wanted to update whats going on with this rifle.

    So at first I had problems. I made a thread asking what I should do to sort it out. @tscustoms was great through the whole process sending replacement parts to try and when I ran out of options on my end he was quick to take the rifle back to check personally.
    Long story short, the reason for my misfires is that I'm an idiot. The new brass I was working with was about 10K short, so it would slide forward in the chamber if it wasn't jammed. Unfortunately for me I had to ship the rifle across the country twice so Travis could figure this out for me. He also refused to take my money for shipping or his time; its rare to find someone who will stand behind their product like that.

    After fireforming the gun now runs like a clock.
    150 rounds in and a few cleanings I'm finally able to find time to do some preliminary load development. @orkan who was great with advice when he was setting me up with components had suggested I start at 69 grains of H1000 with the berger 180VLD. A rough OCW test gave me this group and 3005 FPS at 70.1 grains. Keep in mind this is without any fine tuning.
    Needless to say I'm beyond thrilled.
    I do have a tiny problem however, and I'm hoping someone can diagnose it for me. I can't eliminate the last 2.5-3.5K of runout from my sizing process.
    I'm using a whidden die with a .309 neck. Loaded ammo is .313-.314 OD neck dimension. The chamber is tapered .323 to .3224.
    I've tried the expander ball in the die at various heights and failing there I tried expanding on a mandrel in a separate step. No dice.
    At this point I'm considering neck turning, to eliminate some thickness and prevent oversizing and also to even the necks up some. I'm halfway wondering if its a matter of a die that got warped during heat treatment, and that's where I'm introducing the runout.
    This is a picture of the rifle as it is today. Thanks for reading.

  • Your die could be the entire cause of the runout, or it could be a ton of other factors combined.

    Measure the neck wall thickness around the perimeter of a few cases. I bet you'll find variance from side to side. Use a good mic, and good technique. Neck turning is required to get this fixed.

    However, two and half to three and half thousandths of runout measured on bullet ogive is nothing to worry about. That's well within tolerance for good ammo. You're going to spend a LOT of time and a lot of money getting consistently better than that.

    Now if you're talking about seeing that much runout on the neck, then yes, that's something that should probably be looked into. Still not severe, but might be able to be improved.

  • Very nice rifle narnar.......
    as to the runout issue I use a Lee collet neck sizing dies and a Redding body dies and get excellent results. I also believe the neck die will flow brass when sizing, evening the neck thickness.

  • @mamalukino said in Custom Hunting Rifles:

    I also believe the neck die will flow brass when sizing, evening the neck thickness.

    Explain this.

  • The neck is sized around a mandrel, squeezing the brass causing it to even out. There is very little to no lengthening of the brass in this process.

  • Thank you for the replies.

    For clarity the runout is on the case neck. I haven’t measured loaded rounds on the bullet. My intent is to eliminate the runout as I move down the line.

    I pulled out the micrometer and sure enough there’s a thou and a half of neck thickness variation.
    I’ll probably clean up the necks 50% or so to see if that does anything for my runout and if not I’ll send the die back to whidden to get checked out.

  • @ragnarnar I think you'd benefit from neck turning.

  • @orkan

    Who’s the next best option for a neck turner following 21st

  • Would you recommend a full neck turn or just a 50% or so clean up?

    Feel like I should add more to this.
    I just performed a detailed examination of a couple more cases. Some of the walls near the case mouth go down to the .013x range. That seems like too much to remove.

    I stack small washers on the micrometer static tube/ball thing; that way the case mouth rests at the same level every time. I can adjust height by removing or adding them.

  • @tackyp said in Custom Hunting Rifles:
    @orkan Who’s the next best option for a neck turner following 21st

    Were I to buy one to try right now, it would probably be the sinclair 4000.

    @ragnarnar said in Custom Hunting Rifles:
    Would you recommend a full neck turn or just a 50% or so clean up?

    If I'm going through the trouble of neck turning, I'm going for as close to uniform neck dimension as possible, within the thickness range I'm looking for. Sometimes you can get that by just going 30-50% removal. However, in my experience, 80% or more is required to get uniform thickness around the circumference of the neck.

  • @orkan

    Thanks. I’ll order a cutter up and see what I can manage.

  • Also, and I do realize this is a long shot, but does anyone have any load data or even a starting point for 168gr-class solid copper bullets?

    I’m thinking I’ll probably start at 70 by the half grain looking for pressure unless someone can suggest something better.

  • @ragnarnar Seems like an alright plan.

  • Did a quick work up with 168 LRXs once. 7 mag though. Let me look for it.

  • @tackyp
    No need. I tried it today with the same bullets and H1000.

    Pressure at 72 and wipe at 72.5

    I think there’s a node in the 70.2-70.8 range. Velocity looks mid 3000’s.
    I’m jumping 60 thou
    1-8 twist

  • Ok, I had a chance to do some more work with the 7LRM.

    Before I get into the nittty gritty I just need to restate that Travis is a genius. This rifle shoots like a laser beam. If I do my part the rifle will put 180 VLD's into a group under a quarter inch with ease.

    To work on this concentricity issue I took 30 pieces of brass, left ten of them unturned, turned ten of them down to .015 and the last ten down to .0145.
    The .015 gives me about 50% of the neck turned and the .0145 gives me about 90% of the neck turned. I'm unwilling to go much further than this due to brass life concerns.

    Loaded them all with the same 70.5gr H1000/180VLD load and shot them for groups. (While its unrelated, I got the best result with the unturned brass. I suspect I'm the limiting factor here because the .0145 groups were the next best.)

    Took them home and checked them for concentricity. Out of the chamber the unturned brass gives me the best result, about 1.5 thou eccentric. The two neck turned batches give me about 2 thou eccentricity. (again not sure why this is the case, it seems counter-intuitive to me)

    After sizing, I had introduced runout up to the 2.5 to 3 thou range. This leads me to suspect the die itself being the culprit because of the 30 pieces I never was able to get a piece of brass to have less than 2.5 thou TIR.

    The only other thing I could see it being at this point is a matter of me oversizing, because the brass comes out of the chamber around .319-.320, gets sized down by the die .309 and then takes the bullet about .311. However it seems to me that random chance would give me at least a single piece of brass in that 0-1 thou runout range were this the case.

    As always, I'd appreciate some input and guidance. Unless anyone can think of something else to try I think I'm going to give Whidden a call tomorrow and see what he has to say about getting the die checked and replaced.