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  • I may be asking a stupid question, but inquiring minds want to know.

    All of a sudden I have the opportunity to go hunting this season, but since I was not planning on it, I didn't develop a hunting load for my gun. My solution - just go out and buy some 6.5 CM ammo, zero my scope to it and go hunting. The ammo I have used in the past with great results is the Hornady SST ammo, however, I don't like that the SST bullets are sort of a frangibile bullet that breaks apart and pieces of end up all over the animal and damage a lot of meat. So what I wanted to do was to pull the 129gn SST bullets and use my Nosler 129gn Accubond LR instead. The thinking is that since they are the same weight, and for a CM I seat to magazine length, the differences in ballistics should be small. So this is my question, is there any problems with me swapping out the bullets on a box of factory ammo like I've mentioned above. Let me know.


  • Bad idea. Pulling bullets and the re-seating will introduce a TON of variables. Impossible to be sure each would behave like the next.

    Solution: Buy some proper ammo. I wouldn't be afraid of buying these: http://coppercreekammo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=48&products_id=265&zenid=b272dc3b8cb387e5e91a361b2f6c0e2f

    or maybe even these:

  • Or...if you have the bullets just load up a load that you know will be safe and go with it for this year.

  • Thanx for the feedback guys. I'll go with the box ammo for this time and work up a load to have ready for next year.

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