• Mushin (moo sheen)

    No Mind

    If I were asked to define the single principle that has guided my precision rifle technique and training in the past decade with one word, that word would be Mushin.

    Mushin cannot be grasped with the intellect; it must be experienced.

    I am not in this state of mind when walking around. I'm not in this state of mind when computing a firing solution, dialing my scope, or loading my magazine. I've spent an enormous amount of time training to keep myself in this state of mushin when I'm making a shot. Once I achieve cheek weld and I decide I'm going to make a shot, I leave everything else behind. That was what was in my mind when I center-punched my antelope at 755yds last weekend; Nothing. Shooting, for me, is a purely instinctual affair.

    I just thought I'd drop this in here as it may help some of you. Ask questions as they arise. :)

  • Some of my best groups are when I'm not thinking, just doing what you taught in your class. Become one with the rifle.

    When I start thinking, I start throwing shots.