Anyone else sick of hearing what people think?

  • Am I the only one that is tired of hearing what other people think about the election?

    One ignorant fuck after the next trying to tell me all about trump this, trump that, hillary this, hillary that. ... as if they ACTUALLY know something? They don't know a damn thing. They are just lapping shit up and regurgitating it.

    The only thing I know for sure is that I want nothing to do with almost the entire population of this country.

  • I'm just tired of everything to do with politics, large scale and small.

    They all need to go.

  • Exactly. Everyone latches onto whoever they "like" best... and then defend them fanatically. They have no facts, they don't really know the person... yet they entrench themselves so religiously.

    I just don't get it. It's just one more indicator of what is wrong with everything. People don't think anymore.

  • demand facts for any stance you take. I really respect that.

    When you can't trust the nominees or the news where can we get good facts?

  • @dddoo7 said: demand facts for any stance you take. I really respect that.

    When you can't trust the nominees or the news where can we get good facts?

    I have no idea. How do you get facts, when the facts are actively hidden?

    The only thing I can do is trust my instincts.

  • @orkan said:

    @dddoo7 said: demand facts for any stance you take. I really respect that.

    When you can't trust the nominees or the news where can we get good facts?

    I have no idea. How do you get facts, when the facts are actively hidden?

    The only thing I can do is trust my instincts.

    There are others digging for the truth out there. Research what you can and trust your instincts.
    The 2 candidates in this election both have been in the news for many years. The Clintons have shown their stance on the 2nd amendment time and time again. Trump has shown his concern for the US economy time and time again. His 2nd amendment stance has evolved somewhat positively over the years.
    One is a globalist and the other a nationalist; one wants to insure the destruction of the US thru the seeding of muslim invaders and the other wants to set this country on a course to regain it's productivity and wealth.
    Even if it were John fucking McPain, I would vote to insure a Clinton never sees the inside of the WH again.

  • I used to listen to talk radio everyday. I have stopped till the election is over. I'm burnt out.

    Its an easy choice on who I'm voting for, so no need to have my days ruined with BS.

  • Aside from the 2nd ammendment issue there are a huge amount of issues that have been raised from my area where union reps and workers from my local area (Wheatland Tube) have gone to and spoken in front of Congress years ago about foreign steel being imported killing the mills and economy not just here but everywhere across this country. These workers paid their own way and took time off work to do the trip to make their voices heard and their concerns addressed only to have wasted their time and money. There are more factories shut down because of these trade deals it is truly disenfranchising the way this country has become.

    Farmers are next to feel the hit and if you don't find that bad wait till you are eating imported tainted Chinese food (like our dogs and cats).

    The latest in my area is the cities of Warren and Youngstown, OH throwing out life long mostly elderly residents (home owners) out of their homes they raised their families in to make room for their new fucking industrial parks. Industrial parks! are you fucking serious!? we have countless abandoned mills and factories 1/2 of which have been torn down and are now vacant land but instead of utilizing that previous land they want to throw out these people instead. I sure as hell would not blame these people (mostly black) from taking issue with it like they do with BLM protests and I would have no problem with it under this sercumstance, that is total B.S.. A special thank you goes out to Sandra Day O'connor for making "THAT" possible with her final official vote as a justice for "eminent domain", I knew then that was going to turn into a shit fest land grab at some point, well here we go.

    I think this country has to be run as a business, we sell our goods from us making things to our technology and knowledge. While there may not be a candidate in the running that is the one and only best choice, Trump is a businessman who makes deals I couldn't begin to understand, just too many large numbers and complexity, but seems to make money even in the bad times when so many other industries are struggling.

    So change is what we as a country need and we need to look outside the political box to break the cycle we have as a country found ourselves in.

    If Ross Perot were running I would no doubt be ready to vote for him again like I was before. If Trump and Perot were running together that IMO would be a killer team, they both know business like no other and neither are influenced politically like Hitlary.

  • You must be from Ohio too. The NE part of the state got pummeled on the lowball imported steel. Flat put that area out of business. Now the fracking is slowing due to crude prices. Not good.
    On the election. It's a shit show.
    Cracks me up when they say news show, whichever one it is. It's not news or reporting. Reporting involves telling what happened without bias. Try finding that.
    What we have are editorials cloaked in " news" wrappers. Everybody has an angle. I turn the bastards off. They cannot even speak correctly. Not picking on anyone but reporting used to involve proper English and set a standard. Last time I heard a broadcaster tell their audience "where something was AT" I threw a can at the TV. Good thing it was empty.:smile:
    Granted, I'm about 90% rube so I shouldn't be correcting grammar but damn.
    My choice, at least election choice, is made. Unfortunately, based on what seems to be flying around the airwaves it may be an exercise in futility.
    I do agree with orkan on the general stupidity of the population. Perhaps they could put in an IQ test to vote? Maybe anyone that can't run a card through at the grocery in less than 5 minutes is disqualified? How about if you have issues on the self checkout you're out also?
    Sorry, venting on pet peeves here.

  • from W.Pa nothing good around here the oil fracking is dead in this area my cousin works for one and said they are waiting for things to stabilize before they start again. Halcon just declared bankrupt, everyone who signed up with them the ride is over.

  • I can only say I'm a single issue voter at this point. Supreme Court.


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