CPS_lite review and comparison to bench mounted CPS

  • The CPS_lite



    I received the new CPS_lite and have it set up and running now. Just like the CPS, the CPS_lite is packaged very well and is a very well made unit. I have the CPS_lite set up on a lee press and it is working just as well as it would on any number of single stage presses. The CPS_lite comes set up for large and small primers...the only additional thing you will need is the appropriate shell holders (lee, sinclair, or 21st century primer shell holders...not press shell holders).


    Setup and Adjustment
    The set up is a little bit trial and error...but not bad. I screwed the CPS_lite into the press to about the right position (as long as it is close it will work fine) and locked down the Forster lock ring. The shuttle handle on the CPS_lite needs to be pointing in the desired position when the ring is locked down. I then set the dead stop adjustment to seat a primer intentionally long so I could slowly adjust it until it was seating exactly the depth I was looking for. The dead stop is then locked down with a cross-bolt set screw so that it will not move until you are ready to change it. The really nice thing about this setup is that it is infinitely adjustable...meaning the primer can be set to absolutely ANY seating depth...not just on every 0.001".



    As far as speed goes...the CPS_lite is right on par with the CPS. I perceive no problems with loading 800-1000 rounds an hour once one is used to the setup...and that includes poking primers into the tubes as well. The primer shuttle feeds flawlessly regardless of how fast the handle is moved. The lite model gives up nothing in regards to speed and reliability when compared to the bench model CPS.

    As far as comfort goes...this is one of the most comfortable priming units I have used. I would see absolutely no problems with priming 1000+ rounds in one sitting without getting a hand cramp like with hand priming units. The pressure on the press handle needed to seat a primer is very comparable to the pressure needed when just using a de-capping die. It requires very little force...yet even with greater force it will still seat to the same depth because of the dead stop adjustment on the bottom of the die.

    The feel of the CPS_lite is probably going to be different depending on which press it is mounted to. The cam action of the press is going to feel different with different presses. I could feel the primers seat with the CPS_lite on the lee press, but it was not as defined as the feel of the bench model CPS. The feel is comparable or slightly better than the feel of other bench mounted or press mounted priming units I have used.

    A comparison between the CPS and CPS_lite
    The advantages of the CPS_lite over the bench mounted CPS are few...but there are some. The CPS_lite is infinitely adjustable on the seating depth...although I can’t imagine needing a finer adjustment than the 0.001" that is available on the bench CPS. Also...if bench space is an issue, the CPS_lite can easily be removed from the single stage press and stored on a shelf when not in use...while the bench model CPS will take up permanent real-estate on your bench (unless you have removable mounts). While this is not an issue for me as I have a removable mounting system...it will come into play with some who are loading in a small closet or similar. Also...the main advantage to the CPS_lite over the bench mounted CPS is the lower price.

    There are some advantages to the bench mounted CPS over the CPS_lite as well. The handle throw on the bench mounted CPS is shorter and therefore slightly easier than using the CPS_lite. Also...the setup is quicker and easier on the bench mounted CPS over the CPS_lite. If you are only priming one type of brass it won’t matter much, but if you are changing between large/small primers and different shell holders frequently then the bench mounted CPS will be easier to fine tune with each change over. Also...the feel on the bench mounted CPS is phenomenal in comparison to any other unit I have used and this alone is a major advantage when priming for precision shooting.

    Which unit to choose is going to depend on your situation. Either unit is head and shoulders above anything else out there. They are better built, more precise, faster, and more reliable than any other precision priming system I have used. If your budget allows, I would recommend the bench mounted model as the advantages are worth the extra coin...however as I said before...either unit is a great investment for your reloading bench.


    I will also post a short video as soon as it uploads.

  • Excellent review of an excellent priming tool.
    I can certainly verify all that you stated concerning the CPS_LITE.

  • Great review, looks like the regular CPS would be better for me when I need to upgrade.

  • @rhyno

    The lite is a good compromise allowing for quality and price, but I wouldn't trade the bench unit for it. I really like the bench CPS.

  • Thank You for the comprehensive write up. I am going to purchase one and I will reread this post a few times.To make sure I understand all the benefits to each unit.

  • @tpk936

    Any questions let me know.

  • After several re-reads I ordered my CPS bench unit today. Thank You for the write up. The changing of Large to small primers for multiple calibers was the major deciding point. Now I need to throw some down range to create some brass to be prepped and primed.

  • @tpk936

    Excellent Choice! You will love it!

  • @tpk936 said:

    After several re-reads I ordered my CPS bench unit today. Thank You for the write up. The changing of Large to small primers for multiple calibers was the major deciding point. Now I need to throw some down range to create some brass to be prepped and primed.

    Thank you very much for your order!

  • The unit showed up and it was very nicely packaged. Fit and finish are superb. Even though I had no time to mount you just have to play with a new toy. I primed 1 6br case. It was simple to set up and the ease of priming to the desired depth was a breeze. Now I need to mount and get to work.

    Next on my list I think it is time for a TT 5-25, only bad part is all my other scopes but one are moa....

  • If you know MOA, mils won't be a problem. Or if you really want, I can get you a TT525P in MOA.

  • @orkan I do not like the moa reticle pic on your site. If it was similar to NF moa I would like. We will need to talk because I do like the Gen2 XR reticle on your site.

  • Yeah, the genIIXR is some goodness.

  • You will not regret the TT either!