Lapua's new 6DOF Ballistic Calculator

  • A reliable, mil-spec, fast, stand-alone device... running that software, which would allow me to use the bullets I want... I'd hand over $5000 without even thinking about it.

    I think we're going to be seeing a flood of new ballistic calculators very soon.

  • It's to bad they only plan on doing Lapua bullets at this point.

    I would be willing to pay, maybe not that much haha, but to do bullets from different manufacturers I wouldn't mind paying a bit.

    I wonder if Sierra plans on doing anything, as kind of the last major bullet manufacturer (as far as match bullets) left.

    Great time to be into long range shooting.

  • Looks like it's out, for Droid anyways.

  • So I've just been playing with this a bit since I'm in a tractor for 14 hrs and get bored very quickly.

    It's interesting some of the buttons are hard to press on my Galaxy S5.

    It doesn't take near as long to do calculations as they thought it migh, I ran a load to 3000 yards and 25mph wind and it was done in less then a minute easy.

    There's no option for barrel twist and it looks like it assumes you're running LH twist. They don't tell you Spin Drift but there's a chart with it (I think) and it's always left.

    On that note, there's no place to enter bullet length which I believe has always been used in SD before. But maybe it's not important with how they're calculating it?

    Bullet weight appears to be in grams. They don't really say it just says "g" so I assume it's grams.

    Everytime you enter a new load you have to re enter all your rifle data.

    And I don't know if they're calculating AJ or not I didn't see much of an elevation change adding a 25mph cross wind.

    They also have they're 22lr projectile in there as well. So that's cool

  • Well this is disappointing, looks like spin drift is only calculated on the bullets in the library (Lapua bullets) and not on custom ones where you enter g1/g7 BC.

    Hopefully they'll add that In the future, along with RH/LH twist option, and Grains for weight.

    I was worried about limited functionality with non Lapua bullets.