• DOJ dropped charges against Libyan arms dealer 'to protect Clinton'

    Clinton knew she would never get a declaration of war from Congress or authorization under the war powers resolution enacted over President Nixon’s veto in 1973, he asserted.

    “So, Secretary Clinton persuaded Obama to use CIA intelligence assets who would be exempted from the war powers resolution even if they wore military fatigues in Libya.”

    Napolitano explained that to use intelligence assets under the war powers resolution, Clinton needed the cooperation and informal consent of the “Congress within the Congress,” referring to the House Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which are sworn to secrecy.

    “The result is the president of the United States, the secretary of state and about two dozen people in the House and Senate, including the leadership of both parties in both houses, can authorize a clandestine war using CIA assets,” he said.


  • And people wonder why a guy who's a political outsider and isn't the best choice for president is so popular.

  • Outsiders getting political power... thousands of them, is the only thing that can possibly have a chance of righting this country. As it is now, only the corrupt can gain political power. I have no illusions that one of the country's greatest businessmen isn't also corrupt. The alternative is worse.

    Think of how many political jobs there are in this country.

    When was the last time you met someone incorruptible? ONE person? ... much less the tens of thousands that would be required to have a moral and just government that served this country rather than the global economy or special interests?