2016 Pronghorn Down

  • Had a great speed goat hunt this past weekend. Found a nice high spot and put eyes on about 40+ antelope in one 6 sq. mile area. 3 separate groups, with a few single satellite bucks roaming about. Saw one nice one out by himself, so we set out to close the distance a bit. Along the way, we encountered another nice buck. I decided to take him instead.

    TS Customs 7LRM put him down like a lightning strike at 755yds. Video will be ready when I get over this massive cold I came down with the night after I shot this critter. There are bigger antelope walking around somewhere, but there were none bigger seen by us the entire trip.



  • Was waiting for this update, good job.

  • Nice goat.

    I'm curious as to how the 180 bergers perform terminally.

    Obviously dead is dead, but did you find that it blew away a lot of meat?

  • Awesome job @orkan . Looking forward to the video.

  • @orkan
    Nice goat and nice rifle. :thumbsup:

  • Nice shot.

  • @ragnarnar said:

    I'm curious as to how the 180 bergers perform terminally.

    Obviously dead is dead, but did you find that it blew away a lot of meat?

    Pencil entrance

    Baseball exit

    He was quartering away from me just a bit, and the shot landed absolutely perfectly... I'm talking within an inch of my intended aim point. Entered behind the shoulder, and exited through the opposite shoulder. I was using the berger hybrid target, not the VLD hunting. I ended up throwing away the top half of the far shoulder, so there wasn't much lost at all. If I wouldn't have hit the major shoulder bone, there probably would have been less damage.

  • @orkan

    Beautiful. I like what I see

  • at 750 yards that should have still been going about 2000+ fps. Ain't no wonder it exited like a baseball!!!

  • Yup, 2118fps calculated impact velocity. ;)

  • I have never been antelope hunting before, and when orkan asked if I wanted to video you bet I said yes!

    I've seen what orkan has done with a rifle, a LOT... but to be there when we backpack out a ways, get the heart thumpin, do a quick calculation and put a round right where it needs to be at 755 yards... my jaw dropped. I didn't doubt it was going to be done, I KNEW it was going to be done, but seeing first hand that kind of skill was awesome.

    I wonder if he has a kestrel integrated into his head... because I never saw him pull one out when he made his firing solution! It was a lot of fun, other than it being a bit warm it was a perfect day. I'm not sure if he knows he opened a can of worms bringing me along or not, as there is going to be a lot of nagging to film more big game hunts! It doesn't matter what we hunt though, as long as I'm shooting critters with my camera I'm pretty happy. I still have to try and fit in some pdog blasting for @mamalukino , but the year is closing fast!

  • The hardest part was that he just wouldn't stop moving. Just kept on cruising and when he stopped, he was either at a bad angle, or didn't convince me with his body language that he was going to be still for a second. When he finally anchored his teeth into a tasty little tuft of grass, it all came together. :)

  • Well done.

    Mind providing some more details?
    Where is this? How far in did you walk? how many days did you hunt?

  • Western SD. Saw some goats from the road. Walked in about 3/4 mile. We were out for about 3 days.

  • Did a B&C scoring on the goat yesterday... just a quick and dirty. Certainly isn't a huge goat. Scored 68. Around 13" horns. He certainly looked more impressive than that walking around... but they always do. It was a mad rush of a week leading up to the hunt, and then getting sick as a dog after shooting this critter and staying that way for the last week has been no fun. Everything worked out as good as it could have I think!