Cabela's introduced color change camo


    Kind of neat, I wonder if they have some kind of preventative layer from body heat.

    The only thing is the change in environment can be pretty slow, the grasses going from green to grey.

    Cool tech though, but a lot of animals supposedly don't see color, so it might just be for the hunter.

  • They've had that for a few years now. I had some, and wasn't very impressed with the garments. It's really not that great of an idea when you think about it. Cold weather gear is thick, and warm... so why the hell would you want it to be any color than the color the terrain is during that time of year?

    I view this as a gimmick.

    Accurateshooter bulletin CONSTANTLY regurgitates old content as if it is new to keep from having a stale home page. I was wearing this stuff like 2 years ago. Maybe more.