So what's your take on this


    Seen this and thought dam 300% more energy? That would be really impressive if true but I would guess the pressure would be crazy high and some new metal would have to be used to handle it.

  • IF Textron can build a rifle that is reliable and inexpensive, and IF the Army accepts the design tradeoffs inherent in the telescoped design, it could be the first all-new rifle design fielded by the Army in 51 years.

    Coupla big IFs there.

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • the 6.5 has 300 percent more energy than the existing 5.56 round. How does it compare to the similarly sized 308 round.

    Also, i hope those bullets like jump.

  • Innovation is good. The benefits are not always immediate and not always direct. New ideas are constantly shunned these days, and that sucks.

    I say, the more innovation the better. If it's not perfect, someone else might have a better idea because of it!

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