• A box arrived in today's mail with something special.
    When it arrived I was in the process of prepping 100 .223 cases, with only 20 completed.
    Set it up in my decapper press and proceeded to prime the 20 cases.
    The setup took a little time to get the depth right where I wanted it, but once setup every case came out within 0.0005 of each other. I finished the rest of the prep and went back and primed those also.
    This CPS_LITE precision primer not only works great but looks "HOT" also...tool porn:laughing:
    My hands are usually hurting after priming but this tool doesn't require much effort at all and none whatsoever of hand strength.

    I posted this in the Loading Log thread within a very short time of actually receiving the tool. I initially set up and primed 20 cases, as that was all I had ready at the time the box arrived.
    I finished the rest of the 100 cases' prep and proceeded to prime them also.

    I prepped and primed another 100 cases yesterday and 50 .308s today.

    Well to say I am extremely pleased with this priming tool would be an understatement. It has more than met my expectation after seeing this video of the CPS_LITE in action.

    The setup is pretty straight forward, I setup the shuttle handle so that I could work it without taking my hand off the press handle, almost like a slap. Quick and easy, precision priming.
    I could go all day long with the CPS_LITE if I had the cases prepped. You need no hand strength to use this system (old farts take notice :laughing: )
    Extremely precise depths were achieved consistently, these primed cases were all primed to the same exact depth, within .0.0005, that 5 ten thousands. When I checked some previously loaded rounds, primed with a hand primer, there were some wide differences, .003-.008.
    I like the hard stop feature as it much more accurate than "feel". Being able to adjust the hard stop allows me to set the primer to the exact depth targeted.
    This tool may seem some what expensive; however, it is built like a brick shit house of quality materials for a lifetime of priming. It comes in about the same as the Sinclair primer with a couple of the tool heads you would need in changing calibers and it is continuous feed as opposed to Sinclair's single feed. A CPS from Primal Rights will be the last priming tool you will ever need to buy. The only step up from the CPS_LITE would be the CPS bench model.

  • Thanks for the great feedback.

    I knew you'd enjoy it. :)

  • @orkan Thank you for great product. Everything is so well built and functional.
    and thanks to Josh for sending this out so quickly.

  • I've got mine too, but just been too busy with other things to try it out. Besides being busy...every piece of prepped brass I have was already primed with the regular CPS...so I have to shoot and prep some more brass too.

  • @dddoo7 I talked to Greg yesterday about both primers. I would really like to know your thoughts after using, comparing the 2. Right now I am leaning to the CPS. Thanks

  • I am loving this CPS_LITE; I can't get over the the super precision and consistency.
    So easy.....:smile: