Primos trigger sticks

  • I have been looking at the primos trigger sticks, has anybody used these?
    If so was it the monopod, bipod or tripod?
    Just wondering if they are worth getting?


  • I don't have the Primos brand, but I much prefer the stability of the bi-pod over the monopod. However the monopod is better in rough ground. As you don't have to level out two legs.

  • I've used a couple different ones and I'd say it's situational depending on the style of hunting you're doing.

    I spot and stalk mostly and occasionally find myself in a deer drive and I find the mid size bipod (~36" max) to be most useful to me. The trigger function allows them to self level.

    I've actually gone back to regular shock corded shooting sticks, as the primos trigger stick is longer and heavier.... I usually forget I have sticks though when buck fever kicks in.

  • I have the medium length tripod. I have not used it hunting yet, but seems like it will work for a lightweight rifle. I don't believe it will hold up if I use it much with the dta.

  • I use RRS tripods. I can fold the legs together and use it as a monopod, but when I need real stability for a shot, I can splay the legs out for a standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone shot.


  • Thank you for all the replies, lots of great information!