Hand Soap Recipe

  • Hand Soap Recipe

    What you will need:
    3 Bars of soap, preferably castile soap, but you can use any soap you want

    • the benefit of using castile soap is that it's plant based instead of animal fat based like all commercial soaps and castile soap has a shelf life of indefinite, even if it looks funny in color it's still good
      12 Cups of water
      24 Cups of water Reserved
      Grater/Pan/Whisk or Stick Mixer
      2 Gallon Container for storage

    Grate 3 bars of soap
    Place soap into pan
    Add 12 C. water
    Heat on high until soap is melted, stirring with a whisk, use your stick mixer to make sure everything is combined you don't want any chunks.

    When all the soap pieces turn to liquid turn off the heat and let cool overnight.
    It will look like sudsy water at this point, but will thicken by morning.

    Add remaining 24 Cups of water and reheat soap, whisk to incorporate all the water, once this is done let the soap cool.

    Pour into desired container for dispensing and store the rest.

    To make foam soap, fill bottle 1/4 with soap and rest with water. For regular liquid soap, mix 50/50 soap:water in dispenser.

    On a side note, if you use castile soap this is the same recipe to make your own shampoo. It will take a bit for you to get rid of all the build up on your scalp and in your hair from commercial shampoo but have patience, you will have a happier/healthier scalp in the end.

    My favorite Castile Soap can be found here: http://amzn.to/2cKpEt4