3-D printed rimfire receiver

  • I should read the whole article, it was made for PTG 40xb rimfire bolt.

  • Yeah, Wayne sent me that a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool.

  • I feel like Orkan should start printing these off.

  • :+1: ^^^^^^:thumbsup:

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • Sorry fellas, I don't have a printer that will do steel. ... yet.

  • Imagine the complex baffle stacks you could build with a 3D printer that would do titanium...If they would hold up.

    I think I remember someone in England or something like that trying it...but I don't remember the outcome.

  • Yeah, I saw that printed 338 suppressor a guy has been using. Haven't heard anything about it in a while.

    We are on the forefront of the second industrial revolution. No doubt about it.

  • You can't manufacture your own suppressor can you? I know you can manufacture your own gun, which doesn't make sense at all. I can make a gun, but not a gun part. Stupid politicians.

  • Yes, you can make your own suppressor. Form 1 is sent in, once approved, you can begin building.

  • you can actually legally make a suppressor out of a coke bottle...as long as you get an approved form 1 first. I have two form 1's...but both are on SBR's. I don't have the equipment or the knowledge to build a quality suppressor or else I would have already tried it.

    An easier way is to buy the mag-light solvent trap adapters, file a form 1 on it, then when the form 1 clears (6-9 months later) drill out the end cap to the appropriate diameter. However...if you are going to acquire a suppressor, spend the money up front and get a good one. Ain't no reason to spend $200 on a tax stamp for a piece of garbage suppressor.

    If you try the form 1 route, there are other specific laws that must be taken into account such as serialization and engraving.

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