Giving blood

  • Just curious what others thoughts are on this, as I sit here to give blood.

    I guess I don't know really, this is only my 3rd time I think maybe 4th.

    I have heard that it would probably be better to not do it with the Red Cross as they sell and profit off of the blood.

  • The status of this civilization does not qualify for "donations" of any kind in my opinion.

    If I want to help people, I go to them, DIRECTLY, and help them. These "middle" organizations serve themselves and can often be found using their power to fight against everything I believe in and stand for.

  • I like to give blood. I've donated a little over 3 gallons.

    It gets me a free cookie, pop, and 30 min off work. :)

    And it lowers my blood pressure. If there isn't as much to pump, it's got to be lower, right!

  • Here in SA it's actually a pretty big deal. There are constantly blood drives since the entire country (55+ mil people) only runs on about 2-3 day supply. I.e not enough people donate. They visit schools quite often and you can start donating form 16 years of age. I've met some guys who have donated well over 100 times. Unfortunately I have only don't it about 5 or 7 times. When I was still in school I had a blackout and went into a bit of a fit. Since then I have donated twice but I'm still pretty hesitant.

  • I used to joke it was a free STI test while I was in the military and later in college. They call you up if anything communicable pops up when they screen it.

    Also for awhile I was on some meds that caused an increase in red blood cell production. It sounds awesome, increased oxygen carying capacity, but becomes dangerous because the blood gets too thick to pump.
    Therapeutic blood letting works to fix the problem, but no doctor will prescribe that, so the options are either DIY or donating blood.

    The phlebotomists were always impressed by my crit levels, to the point of being allowed to donate every 4 weeks vs the normal 8.

    I never told them it was self serving, and generally I agree with Greg regarding charitable donations.