Which 338 suppressor

  • Sometime in the next couple of years I hope to purchase a 338 barrel for my SRS. Naturally I will "need" a 338 suppressor to go with it. Up until now I have used and been a fan of thunderbeast so naturally I am interested in the new 338 ultra. However I have not owned other 30 cal brands and have very little experience even hearing other brands so the fact that I like thunderbeast might just be that I don't know anything else.

    Since I now own a desert tech the other obvious contender is the DTSS.

    I am looking for advice from anyone who has used 338 suppressors and could recommend the ups and downs of each. Also if I am leaving any quality contenders out what are they.

    As you give your advice, please note the 338 suppressors you have actually used and ones you have heard on others guns as well as barrel length that they were used on. I don't intend to ever get a 16" 338 lapua, but I do know from my sbr that the shorter barrel will make the same round significantly louder.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

  • There used to be a time when answering this question would have been extremely simple. Now, there are new suppressor companies popping up every other week, and they all claim to have the best suppressor. I haven't had the inclination to test them all, so can't possibly say whether one is better than the next among them.

    However, I have been shooting one DTSS 338Ti for the last 4 years or so. Hard to speculate the round count its received, but it's a lot. I use that same can on nearly every conversion I have for my DT, and I have a lot of barrels. I know it works on 338LM down to 16" without issue. It is bomb-proof, super light, very short, and extremely accurate. It is the only completely "safe bet" 338 can that I can think of. Lots of people will say the same things about their 338 cans, but I'm sure most don't fire more than a hundred or two 338 rounds a year either. So, I very much like the DTSS. It isn't the quietest of the bunch though. The quietest 338 can I've used is an elite iron. They are huge, and extremely heavy however. I love how quiet they are, but really REALLY hate toting them around. If I were going for absolute max sound suppression, it would probably be an elite iron. My 375CT DTSS is produce by Elite Iron, and it is ridiculous quiet on the big cartridges. They truly have the big bore thing figured out.

    Having said that, the new thunderbeast 338 ultra certainly has my interest. I've not heard of any issues with thunderbeast's smaller cans, but I'm aware of several instances of their 338 cans blowing up, and injuring the shooter.



    Clearly they have been doing very well with their new "ultra" line of cans, and there must be some whole other types of manufacturing methods involved there for them to achieve such success. The question of whether the issues with the 338 cans have been resolved with the new "ultra" remain to be seen. I'll have one before long to test against the DTSS, but round count is the only thing that can see if a can is going to fail or not. ... and even then, just because one does, doesn't mean they all will. Nor does the fact that one doesn't indicate that none will.

    So, right now here today, I can only give a solid recommendation to the DTSS 338Ti. Through the years, it is the only one which has proven to be rugged, reliable, accurate, and quiet "enough" to get the job done. When I'm asked about it, I tell folks it is the shortest, lightest, strongest, and most accurate 338 rated suppressor they can buy. If the thunderbeast ultra can take that throne, it's going to be quite some time before it happens.

    We're a thunderbeast dealer as well, so when the time comes, just give me a call and we'll get you squared away.

  • Sounds good. My Thunderbeast dealer that lived in Memphis moved out of state, so I don't currently have an active dealer. I have a guy that will transfer cans, but doesn't carry any. I will get with you when the time comes.

    I am not in a hurry on this as I really only have a 1000+ yards a couple times a year unless I buy a membership at a range. So I will probably wait and see what you think of the Ultra when you get one.

    I remember hearing about the issues with the thunderbeast can, but if I remember correctly that was only with the P1 can and only on short barrels. Is that correct?

    I hope (would think) that they would have fixed the issues when they built the ultra, but like you said only time and round count will tell the story.

    I am also not against the DTSS and very likely may go that route...I just want it quiet if I am going to go through the trouble of getting a suppressor.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    I remember hearing about the issues with the thunderbeast can, but if I remember correctly that was only with the P1 can and only on short barrels. Is that correct?

    That is NOT correct, as referenced by the first link I shared above. When the first ones started blowing up, I said that it would only be a matter of time before others went on long barrels, and that is indeed what happened. That guy in the thread linked had his go on a 26" 338NM, with a very mild load.

  • Ouch...good to know.

    Guess I should have read the "recommended reading".


  • By the by, I will be putting in another Thuderbeast order in here before long, so if anyone needs anything... just let me know.

  • Thanks for the heads up, but I'm out for this go round. Bank is still recovering from the srs.