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  • Hello, my name is Thomas Clendennen. I live in San Marcos, TX. I served a hitch in the US Army before retiring from the US Navy. I shoot competitively in the New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein, Texas State Single Shot Rifle Association, and NRA BPCR plus a couple of local clubs. I enjoy varmint shooting and deer hunting. My handle is the road that runs by the gate to our family ranch.

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  • Hey all.
    I'm Marty. I just found this forum after being on the hide and sniper central. I have read several threads and really enjoy the no nonsense attitude as it pertains to long range shooting and marksmanship in general. I am in the army. I have been a marksmanship instructor for a few years. I have spent some time teaching in the USAMU and 1-29 INF in their programs. I am an Army sniper but am reasonably inexperienced when it comes to the long range game. I am always looking to learn and very happy to share and receive any knowledge from y'all here. Thanks.

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  • Hello, this is Toni from Spain. I am 34 years old, I have been hunting since I was able to walk on the mountains with my father and grandfather. My main hobby and the one I know best is the small game with shotgun, later my father bought me a rifle, which I only used to hunt, recently I've been interested in getting the most out of it, ok I am allways pushing my limits. I am totally noob to precision rifles, hope to learn things little by little.

    I am here because I believe in the people of this house and because orkan whenever I have had questions has taken the time to solve them and has been of great help to drive me in the right direction without asking for anything in return.

    I'm sorry for my bad english, I try to translate the best I can.

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  • Hi my name is Dave and i have been shooting for over 50 years.Love shooting rifles and reloading.I have been checking this forum out for a while and I like how helpful every one is.Hope I can help add to the forum.Thank's for having me.

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  • Hello all!

    My name is Jamie, I'm 41 years old and live in upstate New York-istan. For about 12 years I worked as a counselor in grief/trauma and addiction recovery. When I got burned out on intervening in the worst moments of people's lives, I went to my other talent and now work as a computer tech for a giant corporation.

    I've been shooting since I was a kid, but that was mostly slingshots and archery. I've learned enough about both of those that I now make my own slingshots and can do pretty much any service on my bows without having to resort to taking them to a shop. A couple of years ago, my curiosity got the best of me so I picked up a crossbow. This was my first experience shooting anything with a scope, and it grew into rifles from there. I had grown up around a bunch of Savage shooters, So I ended up picking up a Savage Axis .308. After doing some work to the trigger it was passable, but certainly not great. I also picked up a Savage mkII FV .22lr. That gun I actually like. I ended up trading in the .308 for a used Howa 1500 .308 and instantly both my precision and accuracy improved immensely. I then picked up a Howa 1500 HCR in .308 and I love it.

    I generally shoot around 150 round per week... 100 with the .22, 40-50 with the HCR. I've read pretty much every article on form and position that I can find, and I find myself reading Orkan's articles on Primal Rights over and over. So when I go out to shoot I'm always trying to improve my form and figure out ways to shrink my groups. Most of my shooting is done in the fields behind my father's house. At 100 yards so far, but there's plenty of space to stretch that out to 3 or 400... hopefully later this summer.

    After joining a couple of other forums, it became pretty obvious that there was a great need to be careful of who was giving good information and who was full of crap. That brings us to now. I like the principles of this site, and the no bs nature of it. I hesitated to join because I feel like I don't have much to offer other than questions for now, but then I figured that if I'm going to ask them anywhere it might as well be someplace where I can get good info without having to wade through a bunch of crap to find it.

    So thanks for reading, and I look forward to adding what I can to the discussions!

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    @jbradt Welcome aboard and I'm glad you joined up and introduced yourself. :)

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  • I guess I'm alittle late to this thread...I'm Josh, I've been shooting and hunting all my life, but just in the past 2 years got serious and started learning all over again. I'm hooked.

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  • Welcome aboard and I'm glad you joined up and introduced yourself. :)
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  • Hello everyone

    My name has is David Randi. I currently live just north of Lakeland, Florida. I was first introduced to firearms by my uncle when I was 9. He took me outback in the woods behind the house and we shot up one of my old toy trucks without moms knowlage. Ahhh good stuff. My next shooting experience was at 14 with my dad and a M1 Garand. Thought that rifle weighed almost as much as me at the time. Beat the crap out of me too!! Only think I knew about guns at the time was the end with the little hole is bad juju. My dad and his friends got a few chuckles but we had a great time and I soldiered through the match. Even manged to actual hit the target a few times.

    After a long hiatus of racing cars and getting into all manner of trouble that a young man finds, yep, Uncle strikes again....... I got back into firearms in 06 with a AR-15 and it' been all downhill since then. Quickly got into reloading thanks to my Uncle Bill😇 again and slowly grew out of my mall ninja tacticool phase.

    Past few years I have gotten really hooked on the PRS type shooting, not that there is a match or range for that matter anywhere near me, but I really like the practical aspects of it. Bench rest never really appealed to me. Other than the challenge of tiny groups, just doesn't click.

    I've been a long time reader and mostly silent lurker on this, snipershide, and various other sites. I go by the same id on pretty much everything. I don't post anything I wouldn't say to your face, so I don't hide behind catchy screen names. I also have a low tolerance for stupid, ignorance fine, you just don't know any better, stupid, nope. My bullshit-o-meter pegs out right fast with that. Which kind of bring me to the point of why I joined here.

    I originally found this forum by reading all the reloading and shooting information on the Primal Rights main page. Then I found the .22 rimfire challenge, (I'll be posting there shortly) and I like the honesty going on. Way to much noise to signal ratio going on at other sites.

    So, hello everyone and if you are ever in my neck of the woods drop me a pm and let's go empty out some excess lead.

    David Randi.

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    Welcome David!

  • Welcome David. I have lots of extended Family not too far from you over in MaccLenny Florida and up across the river to Moniac, GA.

    If you have seen the Burnsed Blockhouse you know how long they have been around.

    Out in those woods with my Grandpa, Father and Uncles was my exposure to the culture and hunting.


    Tom Burnsed

  • Never been into Macclenny, but drive past it twice a year for work heading to Jacksonville.

  • Hi, all
    My name is Walter Kujawski,
    walley2960 on most sites. I live in East Jordan MI. A small town in the northern part of the lower peninsula.
    I'm 40, now been shooting 30+ years.
    At 15 I started tinkering/accurizing, loading ammo and such. As things progressed I became more interested in the longer range shooting. A few years ago I started acquiring and replacing gear as I learned more(largely trial and error/internet taught.) My wife is my shooting buddy as she enjoys it as much as I do.
    I'm glad to have found the site.

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  • Hi there, y'all!

    My name is Nick and I go by Sendit6.5 on Snipers Hide as well. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm the ranch manager for a large south Texas hunting ranch. I've been hunting since I was old enough to hold a rifle - my parents met on a hunting trip in Europe and both sides of my family have always been obsessed with hunting for generations. I was doomed at birth! LOL! I started guiding hunters in high school and I've been doing it on and off for the past 35 years. I shot competetively as a kid and qualified for Camp Perry twice.....where I was quickly eliminated. Lol!

    My interest in rifles was mostly limited to hunting and until about 14 years ago a 1" group at 100yds was all I needed for the hunting I've done in the US and Europe. I had rifles that shot better than that but I was happy with 1" and factory ammo. Then, I got interested in predator hunting and my world started changing. Suddenly I really wanted as much precision as I could get and I started learning. When I took on my current job, about 12 years ago, predator hunting became part of my job and income along with game management. Suddenly, I was doing a LOT of shooting at animals (predators and culling) and precision became a necessity, along with a need to extend my range and capability.

    I'm by no means a expert and I still feel I have a lot to learn, but I do OK. I've been reloading for a while now but I've really gotten crazy about it the last few years, as my standards really increased. I've come to demand a higher level of precision from the rifles I use regularly and reloading has been a great (albeit frustrating at time) adventure. I managed to develop loads for several factory rifles that enable me to consistently produce sub .5moa groups out to 600yds. One of them is consistently in the mid .3s with handloads. That's with 3 shot groups. As a hunter, and since my shooting has always been geared toward the ultimate goal of hunting, 5 shot groups never held much value to me. If I could consistently take a neck shot on a doe at 400yds, I was pretty happy; and those results were more than enough to let me do that.

    Recently, though, I caught the long range bug and the competition bug. So, I set out to build my first custom - a rifle that's light enough to hunt with but suitable for some competitive shooting. I just got it back but the stock still needs paint and I'm waiting on the scope I ordered for it. I'm going to mount a spare scope on it as soon as I get a chance, since my order won't be in until late October or early November. Hill Country Rifles in New Braunfels did the stock work on it and the test groups with factory Hornady 143gr ELD-X ammo produced groups in the mid .3s. I'm pretty excited to start shooting it and doing some load development for it! My goal, right now, is to become proficient at 1200yds. Maybe then I'll go longer but I prefer to set staggered and reasonable goals.

    I look forward to learning all I can and to sharing what I know if it can help others.

  • Welcome to the hive bud. I'm new here myself but so far can tell you this forum is different than any other. You won't find much bullshit floating around here, what you will find is good people and lots of knowledge.

  • Ok everyone I've been a memeber for a few weeks but havnt yet introduced myself. My name is Jared and I'm from Florence MS, I grew up and still live on a farm and have been obsessed with guns since I was about 8 and have yet to figure out how. No one in my family besides me does much hunting or has anything other than basic knowledge of firearms. I've been into long range precision for the better part of 20 years and been hand loading for around 18 years. I started shooting competitively about a year ago and have competed in several F class matches and one local PRS match. I enjoy the PRS stuff much more but thee isn't many matches local and work makes it tough to travel. So far I've been impressed with this forum and its members, not any bickering or complaining going on here which can't be said for other sites.

  • My name is Wade, I live on the Texas coast near a little town named Palacios. Palacios is the home port for the largest Gulf Shrimp Boat fleet in Texas. At one time we were the largest port for the entire Gulf Of Mexico Fishery I believe. After graduating from college with a degree in mechanics I worked heavy construction as a heavy equipment mechanic for Brown and Root Inc. for several years. The construction boom crashed in the early eighties and my father quit his job with Brown and Root and started a commercial and retail bait business selling mostly shrimp, live and dead for bait and consumption. I transferred to another petrochemical plant and got about a year before I was laid off. I got a call to go to Green River Wyoming from my old foreman but we had just come in from water skiing and he told me it was snowing there. It didn't take too long for me to give him his answer and my dad took me into his business. The next part of my young adult life was on the back deck of a shrimp boat, twenty plus years. I worked for a boat builder several years when I wasn't fishing and started doing mechanical work on boats as well as welding and fabrication not only on my personal boat but for other commercial fishermen. Those years on the boat put me so out of touch with the rest of the world I never did anything that wasn't tied to boats. I shrimped all summer, I caught oysters all winter and when the weather was bad or somebody wanted a boat I would help Melvin, the boat builder down here. I met another fisherman that loved to hunt one winter when I was catching oysters. He got me going hunting with him and I started getting interested in guns. At that time I had a Marlin 30-30 and a couple of 22's and one 22 pistol, a Ruger. My dad also owned a ranch in South Texas that he grew up on that he leased to a rancher and we also had hunters on it in a separate lease. We had hunting rights but I never had time to go but when I met Red and he found out I had a place in South Texas, well you can figure that out. I decided I needed a real rifle so I bought a 6.5x55 Swede from another fisherman friend for $150.00 and we just so happened to have a couple of gunsmiths in our little town so I dropped it off at Dave's and told him make me a hunting rifle. I guess that's what started the snowball down the hill. Dave did a good job on it and i did my first glass bedding job on the cheap Choate stock we used. Red and I started going hunting once a year on our ranch after I got the Swede and I would go with him on his leases as well. Dave passed away a couple years later and I got the bug for a 22-250. I approached another local, Charles White. I told him I want a Mauser 22-250 in a Fajen stock and a year later I got it. I went to his shop once a week and sat on a stool next to him and watched as he worked on different guns. He shared a lot of his craft with me in those visits and it inspired me to give it a try myself. That rifle he built me went hunting a couple of times but mainly sits in the safe or comes out to punch holes in paper some times, too pretty to skin up. Charles died of cancer unfortunately or I would have had a dozen more of his rifles. Like I said, I was out of touch with the world until one day I walked into a machine shop a fellow from Alabama had just opened here. I needed a gear made and if he hadn't helped me I might have quit then and there. I did learn how to use an engine block boring machine in college and we played with a lathe but I have never seen CNC machines or lathes and mills with DRO's. Talk about high tec, in Palacios of all places. After Mark, the owner, repaired this gear box I asked him if it would be possible to come in after hours or whenever and learn the trade. He said I don't need any help but come back in a few months and we will talk. That next fall I drove by and the door was open so in I went. He had a Jet lathe with a DRO on it set up making some parts for a plastics company but was about through and if I came back the next day he had some parts I could try and make that wouldn't get me in any trouble and maybe not destroy his lathe. There are probably some machinist saying oh no, you can't just put a green horn on a lathe and let him drive it! Trust me, we had school for hours before I pulled the lever on that lathe. I made about thirty little round knurled nuts in the following days and never broke a tool. It probably cost this guy ten grand to stand there and teach me but he did it and I will forever be grateful, I was back in touch with the world again. The big reality check was when he picked each one up and measured them and checked the threads I started hearing them hit the chip tray under the lathe. He showed me my mistakes and shrugged his shoulders then he said not too bad for the first time. I think ten or so passed. The next time I walked in his shop I started a two year apprenticeship I guess you would call it. In that time I learned how to draw parts and even found out what a millimeter is. Everything we made was metric, sure easier than inches. I ended up on a milling machine and that's a whole another story. And this is how I started my interest in shooting and reloading. I may write a part two to my introduction.

  • Well, it's Sunday and I don't get too interested in football well maybe the Texans, a little so I will write part II. While I was training to be a mill/lathe operator I found a captain to run my boat. Good news is he took care of it bad news is he never made me a dime in the years he ran it. I was making money cutting metal and had some time off for a change, no more fourteen hour days with no breaks so I decided to try and make a Mauser sporter rifle. I started by buying a surplus 98 Brazilian Mauser 7x57 that luckily had a fair barrel in it. A hundred fifty bucks so no risk and the boss man let me use the shop for my science project. Back then I had no internet at my house so I bought books on Mauser conversions and remembered some stuff Charles showed me. I became a kitchen table gunsmith. A quick order to Brownells and we got some weld on bolt handles some safeties and scope bases. I learned how to get the military sights off, cut and crown barrels, weld bolt handles on and install safeties. I drilled and tapped the receivers in the mill I ran and took the military stocks and reshaped them and glass bedded the actions. I bought a few head space gauges and later bought a set of bolt handle forging blocks but preferred to weld them on. Before I knew it I had rifles leaned up in every corner of my house in some stage of completion and realized I had no cash. I quickly found out I didn't have the resources or the skills to go into the full blown gunsmithing experience. You can only get lucky so many times buying WWII rifles that have enough barrel left to work with unless you rebarrel. I started getting barrel and receiver work done by a full time machinist gunsmith down in Refugio Texas. I just couldn't afford the tools and as luck would have it the machine shop business got very competitive when the first oil bust happened. We had huge shops in Houston bidding on our work then the companies we worked for only wanted CNC parts made in controlled environment and so on and so on. Damned Chinese even invaded our bidding. After almost three years in the shop I drove down to my boat, let my captain go and spent about twenty grand getting back in the shrimping business. So, I have all these guns of different calibers and not one round of ammunition. I sold nine I believe in the first year, even the old 7x57 I converted on my kitchen table later to buy it back from a Pawn shop. I still have it and my Swede. Then I decided to get into reloading, oh boy. Fast forward a few years. Boats gone, parents are gone, big part of the ranch is gone but I have the Home Place near Bigfoot Texas, the reason my handle is Bigfoot. I have it leased for cows and we do a lot of hunting and shooting with plenty of organic disposable targets such as pigs. Right now I reload for twelve rifle calibers and three for pistols. Of the twelve rifles I believe six are Mauser's, a couple of Remington's and Savage's a CZ and a Marlin or two. I don't have any "precision" rifles but I put them together as precise as I could with the tools I had at the time. I have a little collection of 22's but no high end stuff. A CZ 17 and a CZ 22 mag and a Savage Mark II but the rest are heirlooms. I have been shooting that Savage a lot and from this website I got the desire to start doing the dot drills. One of the reasons for joining but mainly for the reloading discussions. I really enjoy reloading, heck I even bought one of Greg's CPS Lite primer tools. Dam spiffy little gadget. Well, that's about it. If I'm not reloading I am making cabinets or some kind of furniture for someone, another skill I picked up somehow. Sorry I don't have a nice Stiller Creedmore or something to put a picture up and I still haven't figured out Imgur yet either so images will have to wait. I also like to garden.......

  • @bigfoot Welcome. Experience is big on this site. Sounds like you got plenty of it, lol.

  • My name is Jim Ballantine. I am from SE Michigan, about 40 minutes NW of Detroit in Farmington Hills (its nice where I live, Detroit does deserve its reputation unfortunately). I'm a newer shooter that started shooting for precision about 3 years ago. I was primarily a hunter (had been hunting and shooting for 30 years (since 10yo, and now 40yo), but didn't get to shoot enough to satisfy the itch. I got into prairie dog hunting several years ago because of longer distances and more volume of shooting, and got very interested in mid-long range shooting that could be done closer to home while I was shooting at the rancher's private silhouette range when Dogs weren't coming out. It also made me want to move to the black hills, I was awestruck at the beauty there!

    I found this site through SH, and a few others. I appreciate a place like this that has members who are not doing a bunch of posturing and giving out advice that may not be very good or inaccurate. I value Greg's input on other forums, and followed the trail here. Looks like a great place!

    I have been doing local club matches for a little over two years now, almost 3. I started with a R700 SPS Varmint .308, and upgraded it until I realized it was not going to be the rifle I wanted or needed it to be. I wanted a rifle that I could adjust to fit me instead of making me fit the traditional stocked R700.

    I now shoot a Bergara LRP in 6.5 CM. when looking at different options, the LRP checked off all things on my list, I only had to add a quick release adapter for a sling. I run a G2 Razor 4.5-27x on the rifle and I'm very happy with it as a package thus far. At the time, I was having trouble finding a Tikka that I wanted in stock. I decided to take a chance on Bergara, they were relatively new but has some very nice reviews, I actually went to the shop to fondle a B14, and liked it. The owner handed me the LRP premier action and I bought it on the spot.

    I think that I have equipment covered for a little while anyway. Its time for training next year! All funds will be spent on instruction and reloading components, with a few exceptions of course (folding adaptor so I don't have to remove butt stock for cleaning is one item still on the list).

    I look forward to participating here, but I will likely be reading far more than typing as there are some talented and skilled people here I will be thankful for their sharing what works for them and their experience!

  • Welcome! I think you’ll find exactly what your looking for here

  • Welcome.

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  • Welcome aboard Jim! Happy to have ya.

  • Hello, just created an account here. I've been tinkering in the precision shooting thing for a few years now. Started when I purchased a .223 Savage because I wanted to shoot on a regular basis without breaking the bank on ammo. That lead me to reloading and then purchasing a Rem700 SPS Varmint in 308. I was never happy with the 700 which lead me to other forums. I replaced the stock, trigger, bottom metal, purchased "cheap scopes" and then better "cheap scopes" in an attempt to make that 700 shoot. I tried several variations of factor ammo as well as trying to reload my own. I never had any luck in getting that gun to shoot less then 1 MOA.
    After spending my time on several forums, when my brother was thinking about getting into it, I recommended the Howa HCR to him. Out of the box I was able to shoot 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards with Hornady American Gunner ammo. ($.96/round). It was then I decided it was time to get rid of the 700. Put it back to factory and was able to sell most of the stuff I purchased without loosing out on to much $$.
    I got some advise in several different threads on other forums from Greg which lead me to Travis and having him put together a barreled action with a Lone Peak Arms Fuzion action, 26" Medium Palma Bench Mark barrel with brake in 6.5 CM. I stuck the Timney 517 trigger I had in the 700 on it and dropped it in a KRG Bravo stock. I had considered a couple factory rifles but new I would never truly be happy with them. After talking with Travis I realized a custom wasn't going to be as expensive as I had originally thought.
    I've got about 45 rounds through the gun to date and several cleanings. Just Monday I did the first real shooting with it. I was able to print a 3/8" group at 100 yards with the same Hornady American Gunner ammo. I bought 250 rounds of that ammo I plan to shoot up to learn the gun/ get it setup and fitted to me, then start reloading the spent brass.
    I'm excited for some warmer conditions (15F and actively snowing when Monday) where I can more comfortably shoot.

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    Welcome to the hive fella, lots of knowledge and good advice here.

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