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  • Hi folks, Eric C here
    Was listening to precision rifle podcast and heard the gun hive interview - great idea to set up a gun log and share searchable load data!

    I live in south central North Dakota and spend many hours in the winter months reading forums and planning load development. I am fond of Tikka T3's and own 2 Sporters (.223 & 6.5x55), a stainless light (.223 1:8 twist) and a stainless Hunter (30-06). Also have a B-mag 17wsm in a Boyd's Varminter and an ISSC SPA in 17hmr. I need to have my rifles threaded for the 2 suppressors I have waiting on tax stamps (Dakota silencer Varminter 3.0 30 cal & Mack bros Tango rimfire).
    I can't resist trying new reloading gadgets and will try to limit my comments to those products I have personally used (the other hobby I indulge during the long winters).
    I'm looking forward to conversing on the forums, and glad to be here!

  • Hey Every , I am Bret From Norther UT, I Grew up shooting with my dad off the back porch of our house were we had a full shooting range set up with swingers at 10, 15, 25, and 50 yards shooting mainly pistols, and the occasional rifle with iron sights. I was an IDPDA competitor for about 5 years. got into Long range shooting back around 2002 shooting a Remington 700 in and AI chassis.
    I currently Run A Desert Tech in 308 and 338 and a Remington 700 in 308, and am in the process of building my 6.5 creadmore.
    I have about 240 acres that we love to get out and shot on and am in the process of setting up a full course out to, we hope, 1000 but have a confirmed line for 850 yards. I love to shoot, and enjoy the sound of lead on steel. If any one is in Northern Ut Ogden area we shoot most Saturdays on our private land or in the west desert to really stretch it out there. message me and come join.


  • Welcome, 240 sounds about like a quarter, 1000 is possible but that's shooting corner to corner.

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    Welcome to GunHive! You will have to get some pictures of your place up on here. I would look forward to seeing the progress on your range if you would be so kind to share.

  • Yeah the 1000 yards is possible as the land is not a square the issue is if we can get past the Tress and brush in the gully. As our land is in the Mountains here in UT elevation is 5000 feet. Yeah ill definitely get some pics up as we build out the range.
    thanks glad to be here.
    Set up on the range
    The range we Officially have 100, 300, 500, 800, and 1000 yards
    The pic above you can see the 500 and the 800 yard targets the 800 is just above and to the right of the cows
    Yep we even have animal hazadrs. #GolfForMen

  • My name is Dan, I live in West Central Wisconsin.
    I attended one of Greg's Customer appreciation training events and quickly discovered he knows his shit and is an excellent source of no B.S. information!
    I'm a novice at long range shooting and will be reading a lot more than posting here. I look forward to a forum without the drama that others seem to like to provide!

  • Welcome aboard Dan!

  • I'm Dewey from central Ohio.
    My paying gig is as a financial advisor and let's me afford my toys.
    Grew up on a farm, working and shooting stuff. Started with birds (pheasants, quail) but they're gone now. Rifles were 22s and an old sporterized Krag my dad inherited. Bought a 788 in 6 mm my first year in college and hit all the surrounding states for deer for a few years and camped in the pickup bed.
    Bought quite a few more firearms of different persuasions and haven't stopped yet.
    Did the whole NRA Instructor bit and still have fun with that occasionally.
    I've rebarrelled,bedded, replaced triggers and such on quite a few of my own rifles. Started doing Savages as it was pretty easy and decent barrels were inexpensive.
    Primarily I'm a hunter and most of my rifles are for that purpose.
    I am easily fascinated by different or unique cartridges which have resulted in more rifles.
    I do like to stretch them out occasionally and see what we can do although I am by no means a long range hunter.

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    Welcome to GunHive Dewey. I've only been to Ohio once and it was to visit a friend in Akron but that was around 10 years ago. How much hunting is there in Ohio or do you mostly have to go to other states for good hunting?

    Anyway welcome and I look forward to seeing your contributions to the site!

  • Deer is the only Ohio "big game". Rifle (approved straight wall cartridges only) is the week after Thanksgiving. Small game and some birds in select areas.
    But you are correct that traveling is involved in other hunts.

  • Hi guys, I'm Grant. I live in SW Montana. I'm just getting into long range shooting but I've been shooting all my life. This is my first shooting oriented forum (I go by MThuntr on some hunting forums). I'm planning my first target rifle build and hope to have my lists of wants & needs before too long. I've already decided that it will be on one of the available custom actions which will be a first for me as I've always shot factory rifles. I hope to learn a lot from the group.

  • Welcome aboard! If there's anything I can help with, just shout. I've written some articles that might be of help to you:

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    Welcome @rngrfromthemtns! Looking forward to seeing what you end up with and all your progress. Make sure you put your rifle in your profile!

  • Hi, my name is Ramiro Rodriguez, I was born in TX, lived in IL, and now live in Colorado Springs. I have been hunting since was about 13-14, mostly white tail deer in TX. Aside from a 22 my dad had, my 1st hunting gun was a 30-06 that I borrowed from a friend. I killed my 1st deer with it, a 10-point buck, and the gun kicked the shit out of me. LOL. I am a conservative Catholic American that loves his country, love and appreciate the military, and loves to shoot. I am married to my beautiful bride of 20 years and we have 4 kids, 2 about to go to college in 2018.

    I work as an engineering manager in the telecom industry and have been in this capacity for 18 years. I also work part time at my parish as the director of liturgy and funeral liaison.

    I started shooting a local match the summer of last year with a Savage LRH in 6.5x284 Norma and a Nikon buckmasters 4-12x50 scope (don't laugh). Last May I bought a Savage LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor and up until 2 weeks ago, I had that Nikon scope on it. I just put Burris XTR II 5-25 SCR scope and I love it. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of time to shoot because my wife and I are starting a new business. I am still doing load development for my LRP since I can't seem to find cheap bullets that are always available.

    I have been reloading for about 4 years but I am still learning about reloading for precision shooting. I use Greg's templates for my shooting log books and have been more than pleased with those, but I am sure I am not getting the most out of them yet. I'd be happy to share what I know if it will help others, but I am mostly still learning, so I tend to ask a lot more questions than to answer them. I am happy to be here and I look forward to learning from all the generous people here.

  • Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! Better late than never. ;)

  • @orkan Yeah, I have been tide up with trying to get the new business off the ground so I have little time to participate. Today, I decided to take a bit of a break and come and see what is new.

  • Exciting. What's the new business?

  • @orkan Real estate, predominantly rental properties. It started as an idea to help the kids for college, just get a couple of rentals to generate positive cash flow to help the kids with college expenses. Rent some rooms to kids friends and they can live for free while the property gets paid by the rent. But as we looked at one college area, we realized that student rent is between $250-$350/month/student, and we could get a 4 or 5 bedroom house for less than $90K in that area. That means our mortgage payment including taxes, insurance, a percentage for repairs, etc. is around $500 but we could be getting $1000+ in rent. So the light bulb went off and it's now gotten to the point of thinking about converting our 401k and IRA into a self directed IRA, buy some rentals with that $$ and all the rent $$ goes back into the IRA and it grows tax free. Way we figure, getting rentals around a college means a fresh supply of tenants each year, the house gets paid off by the rent, and in 10-15 years the rent is almost 100% profit, minus taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. Get 15-20 houses near colleges, and in 15-20 years we would have a nice retirement portfolio of properties that we could either continue to rent or sell off as needed.

    It's not sexy, but after the last promotion I got at work with a whopping .8% salary increase, this is something I can do in my spare time, and could potentially allow me to leave my job. Then I'd have time to shoot more. :-)

  • @ramirojpc

    I buy rental properties on the side. It can be a headache at times, but it lets someone else pay the note on your properties. I don't have a real retirement plan other than the rentals. When they are paid for I can retire.

  • Hello!

    My name is Scott, and I currently live up in North Pole, Alaska (yes, it is a real place, and there is a Santa's House.) The nice thing about interior AK is we have a ton of public land, and we have found a few places we can shoot out to a mile. I am an Army Infantry Officer, and am lucky enough to have built relationships with my Sniper section, so we get to geek out sometimes. I am a numbers nerd, and love the science of long range. I am trying to get into hunting, but so far it has been taking my guns for walks in the woods. I look forward to coming back down to the warmer states eventually and calling for coyotes, and enjoying the open space.

    I started trying to get into the long range thing while I lived in CO, but didn't dedicate enough time to it. I then spent a year in GA, getting fundamentals down, and finally bought a bolt gun in 308. Moved to Alaska a year later, and have been up here for 2.5 years now. Still shooting the same tired 308, as she is needing a new barrel. I have had gotten better at long range shooting, pushing my 308 out to 1150m. Still terrible at reading wind, but it makes it interesting.

  • Welcome!

    You can send that 308 to TS Customs for a new barrel. :)

  • Hello, Michael from Colorado here. I am relatively new to long range shooting. I grew up around guns and have been elk hunting my whole life, (my shots have all been under 200 yards or so). I participate in a monthly .22 rifle match, also enjoy shooting my 1911 and some wing shooting in the Fall.

    I recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 308 to replace my old sporterized 1917 in 30-06. So far I have been working on breaking in my rifle and trying different ammunition. I plan on heading to an indoor 100 yard range on Monday to get a nice zero. Hoping to harvest a Mule Deer Doe and Cow Elk this year.

    I joined the site after hearing about it on the Precision Rifle Podcast. I will be getting into reloading this Winter and look forward to learning and participating in the forum.

  • Welcome! Feel free to ask about any and everything!

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    Welcome @akscott and @hoarfrost

    If you have any site/support questions please post them in

  • Hello, my name is Thomas Clendennen. I live in San Marcos, TX. I served a hitch in the US Army before retiring from the US Navy. I shoot competitively in the New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein, Texas State Single Shot Rifle Association, and NRA BPCR plus a couple of local clubs. I enjoy varmint shooting and deer hunting. My handle is the road that runs by the gate to our family ranch.

  • Welcome aboard! I see you finally found the place. ;)

  • Sounds like you have lots of room and opportunities to shoot out there. Welcome.

  • Hey all.
    I'm Marty. I just found this forum after being on the hide and sniper central. I have read several threads and really enjoy the no nonsense attitude as it pertains to long range shooting and marksmanship in general. I am in the army. I have been a marksmanship instructor for a few years. I have spent some time teaching in the USAMU and 1-29 INF in their programs. I am an Army sniper but am reasonably inexperienced when it comes to the long range game. I am always looking to learn and very happy to share and receive any knowledge from y'all here. Thanks.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome aboard Marty. If I can be of any help, just ask. :)

  • Hi Marty, welcome.:smile:

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    Welcome to GunHive @martyfranklin!

    If you have any technical questions about the site feel free to PM me or check out the support section

  • Hello, this is Toni from Spain. I am 34 years old, I have been hunting since I was able to walk on the mountains with my father and grandfather. My main hobby and the one I know best is the small game with shotgun, later my father bought me a rifle, which I only used to hunt, recently I've been interested in getting the most out of it, ok I am allways pushing my limits. I am totally noob to precision rifles, hope to learn things little by little.

    I am here because I believe in the people of this house and because orkan whenever I have had questions has taken the time to solve them and has been of great help to drive me in the right direction without asking for anything in return.

    I'm sorry for my bad english, I try to translate the best I can.

  • Welcome aboard @toni. :)

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    Welcome @toni!

  • Bienvenido @toni

  • Hi my name is Dave and i have been shooting for over 50 years.Love shooting rifles and reloading.I have been checking this forum out for a while and I like how helpful every one is.Hope I can help add to the forum.Thank's for having me.

  • Welcome Dave!

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    Welcome to GunHive Dave!

  • Welcome aboard. :)

  • Hello all!

    My name is Jamie, I'm 41 years old and live in upstate New York-istan. For about 12 years I worked as a counselor in grief/trauma and addiction recovery. When I got burned out on intervening in the worst moments of people's lives, I went to my other talent and now work as a computer tech for a giant corporation.

    I've been shooting since I was a kid, but that was mostly slingshots and archery. I've learned enough about both of those that I now make my own slingshots and can do pretty much any service on my bows without having to resort to taking them to a shop. A couple of years ago, my curiosity got the best of me so I picked up a crossbow. This was my first experience shooting anything with a scope, and it grew into rifles from there. I had grown up around a bunch of Savage shooters, So I ended up picking up a Savage Axis .308. After doing some work to the trigger it was passable, but certainly not great. I also picked up a Savage mkII FV .22lr. That gun I actually like. I ended up trading in the .308 for a used Howa 1500 .308 and instantly both my precision and accuracy improved immensely. I then picked up a Howa 1500 HCR in .308 and I love it.

    I generally shoot around 150 round per week... 100 with the .22, 40-50 with the HCR. I've read pretty much every article on form and position that I can find, and I find myself reading Orkan's articles on Primal Rights over and over. So when I go out to shoot I'm always trying to improve my form and figure out ways to shrink my groups. Most of my shooting is done in the fields behind my father's house. At 100 yards so far, but there's plenty of space to stretch that out to 3 or 400... hopefully later this summer.

    After joining a couple of other forums, it became pretty obvious that there was a great need to be careful of who was giving good information and who was full of crap. That brings us to now. I like the principles of this site, and the no bs nature of it. I hesitated to join because I feel like I don't have much to offer other than questions for now, but then I figured that if I'm going to ask them anywhere it might as well be someplace where I can get good info without having to wade through a bunch of crap to find it.

    So thanks for reading, and I look forward to adding what I can to the discussions!

  • @jbradt Welcome aboard and I'm glad you joined up and introduced yourself. :)

  • @orkan said:

    @jbradt Welcome aboard and I'm glad you joined up and introduced yourself. :)

    me 2..:smile:

  • Thanks, guys!

  • I guess I'm alittle late to this thread...I'm Josh, I've been shooting and hunting all my life, but just in the past 2 years got serious and started learning all over again. I'm hooked.

  • @jbradt welcome from Texas!

  • Welcome aboard and I'm glad you joined up and introduced yourself. :)
    (Copy and paste is great)

  • Welcome jbradt!!

  • Hello everyone

    My name has is David Randi. I currently live just north of Lakeland, Florida. I was first introduced to firearms by my uncle when I was 9. He took me outback in the woods behind the house and we shot up one of my old toy trucks without moms knowlage. Ahhh good stuff. My next shooting experience was at 14 with my dad and a M1 Garand. Thought that rifle weighed almost as much as me at the time. Beat the crap out of me too!! Only think I knew about guns at the time was the end with the little hole is bad juju. My dad and his friends got a few chuckles but we had a great time and I soldiered through the match. Even manged to actual hit the target a few times.

    After a long hiatus of racing cars and getting into all manner of trouble that a young man finds, yep, Uncle strikes again....... I got back into firearms in 06 with a AR-15 and it' been all downhill since then. Quickly got into reloading thanks to my Uncle Bill😇 again and slowly grew out of my mall ninja tacticool phase.

    Past few years I have gotten really hooked on the PRS type shooting, not that there is a match or range for that matter anywhere near me, but I really like the practical aspects of it. Bench rest never really appealed to me. Other than the challenge of tiny groups, just doesn't click.

    I've been a long time reader and mostly silent lurker on this, snipershide, and various other sites. I go by the same id on pretty much everything. I don't post anything I wouldn't say to your face, so I don't hide behind catchy screen names. I also have a low tolerance for stupid, ignorance fine, you just don't know any better, stupid, nope. My bullshit-o-meter pegs out right fast with that. Which kind of bring me to the point of why I joined here.

    I originally found this forum by reading all the reloading and shooting information on the Primal Rights main page. Then I found the .22 rimfire challenge, (I'll be posting there shortly) and I like the honesty going on. Way to much noise to signal ratio going on at other sites.

    So, hello everyone and if you are ever in my neck of the woods drop me a pm and let's go empty out some excess lead.

    David Randi.

  • Welcome aboard!

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