Introduce Yourselves!

  • Introduce yourselves!

    One of the cornerstones of the Gunhive community is that everyone is expected to be completely forward with the level of knowledge and experience they possess. You can certainly remain anonymous if you prefer, but if you start handing out advice or equipment recommendations, you can be sure that folks will expect you to disclose your level of experience. You can do that here with a short "resume" post, or you can do it later if/when someone calls you into question.

    I might as well start!

    Hello all, my name is Greg Dykstra, president of Primal Rights. I have been shooting precision rifles for 20+ years, and have been offering my services in that realm professionally since around 2005. My articles and equipment reviews can be found at as well as several print publications over the years. I am the primary precision rifle instructor at Primal Rights, as well as the main product sales point of contact. Recently I have designed and patented reloading equipment, as well as other shooting related products, with more on the way. I'm an avid hunter with an obsession for coyote calling. You can see our Primal Rights Predator Management series by visiting our youtube channel: I spend nearly every day shooting, developing training techniques, designing new products, and helping others choose and use precision rifles and related equipment. Shooting isn't just a hobby or a way of life for me, it is a lifestyle. Nearly every decision I make revolves around how it might affect my ability to shoot, test, write, or develop new shooting related products or techniques.

    I look forward to meeting, helping, and learning from all of you!

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Christopher Adams. I live in Frisco, TX. I am married and have two kids, a son and daughter. I have been precision rifle shooting for about 5 years now. I work in the Telecommunications industry and I am currently pursuing an Electrical Engineering Degree.

    This sport is insanely addictive and I really enjoy it. There is nothing in the world like a little gunpowder therapy.

  • My name is Chris Holman and I've been shooting my whole life. Grew up shooting and in the last few years decided to get into long range shooting. I mostly shoot with my son in the desert of AZ. While I may not have the years of experience that some do, I do take what I learn and pass it onto others. I have no problem keeping my mouth shut when I don't know an answer. But I have no problem helping out when I do know.

  • My name is Mike and I live in Hawaii.
    " The older I get, the better I was".

  • Well I am probably one of the more inexperienced members here, and sometimes that does get me In trouble.

    My name is Joseph, I go by Rhyno or some variant on many forums.

    I don't know how or why I got into precision shooting, it is just awesome.

    Firearms in general, was never brought up around firearms and I got introduced into them through hunting.

    I started with a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 2012, eventually having it redone into a 260 Remington.

    Although shooting my 22lr has taken up most of my time.

    Hopefully things have settled down now enough that I can focus solely on shooting now.

    I try to speak through experience, though I do sometimes screw up.

  • My name is Daniel. I live near Memphis. I have never actually shot a gun, but I am very good at giving gun don't hesitate to ask any question you might have. Lol

    Ok. Seriously now...
    I do most of my shooting in a corn/bean field. I started precision shooting about 5 years ago with a sps-v. It was modified over time and proved to be an ok starting point...but not great. I upgraded to a tac ops about a year ago and it is a work of art. Perfect in every way. I chose each piece on this rifle to be exactly what I wanted and then mailed the parts to Mike to be assembled. I also just took delivery of an srs a1 a few days ago. It is going to be my go to rifle for long range precision. It is the rifle I won't care to scratch or get dirty or shoot the barrel out. I am not very experienced with long range shooting, but have learned a few things over the last few years and don't mind sharing what I know. One of the most valuable things I have learned regarding shooting is whose advice to listen to and whose advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    My name is Chris and I am one of the administrators and Lead Technician for GunHive. I work with Greg (@orkan) on several different endeavors.

    Originally from Illinois I moved to South Dakota in 2008 and have enjoyed many of the freedoms this state has to offer. My enjoyment for firearms really took off after I moved here and Greg had helped me considerably with the training, safety, and proper use of firearms.

    So if you have any questions a feel free to ask me or send me a chat message @irish

  • Thomas, I'm in Pike County GA.

    Like most people I don't get to shoot nearly as much as I want to.
    Got back into shooting three years ago with a CZ 452 Ultra Lux for CMP Rimfire Sporter matches and hunting.
    Have been shooting those matches for three years now and am wanting to try CMP Service rifle this year with either my M1 Garand or Colt 6700 HBAR .
    Other rifles are an 1896/11 Schmidt Rubin 7.5X55 , Remington Sportsman 78 in 270 Winchester, Winchester 1894 30/30

    Picked up some other 22 rifles as well, a 452 Varmint with a McMillan BR50 stock that I topped with a Leupold VX-3 6.5-20
    A 452 American Tribal with a 6x Burris HBR for CMP rimfire sporter scoped class and a CZ 452 Scout Burris 4X for the kids.
    Went through a case and half of imported 22LR last year so that is the majority of my trigger time.
    I try to get at least 500 shots off a month basically.
    Now that would be really expensive with centerfire but this Spring Reloading will be a new adventure to begin.
    With reloading I hope to shoot at least one Service rifle match a month and a rimfire match.
    One day I will buy a bipod. All I have are slings now. 4 at last count.
    Biggest recent purchase was a 100mm Celestron Regal M2 spotting scope... Instant feedback is nice to have from a target.
    So, for rimfire ammo I guess I have some experience to lend. It is a really fun sport.
    Eventually I will have a German target rifle, Anschutz or Walther, but if I stumble across a deal on a 40X I will not pass it up.
    Slowly working my way up the ladder into bigger calibers and louder bangs.
    5.56X45 is next.
    Only have 240 rounds through my 30-06 Garand and its new Krieger barrel. Started my first rifle log with it.
    I try to shoot each rifle once a month.
    If I can't get to one then maybe I need to thin out the collection or change jobs.

  • Well,
    My name is Andrew, and unfortunately I'm stuck in the Peoples Republic of California.
    I'm a full time student working on my Masters of Geochemistry and part time lumber vendor, after having separated from the US Army after eight years of service.

    Growing up in CA, my options to do any shooting were limited. So other than BB guns and 22's in Boy Scouts I didn't touch a rifle till I was in boot camp. After boot camp I was selected for and assigned to the Second Ranger Battalion as a Fire Support Team Leader, where I finished my time in service. Here I was afforded the opportunity to shoot 1500 rounds or so in an average "range week" which really cemented basic rifle marksmanship (KD, CQM and LFX mostly).

    As a civilian, and unable to afford the HUGE cost of ammo associated with my military shooting style, I've moved onto the rifles.
    I've been reloading and shooting rifles for the last three years with a real focus on precision shooting and reloading in the last year.

    I enjoy deer and varmint hunting, hanging out with the wife and telling her daily we should move.

    I look forward to learning with all of you.

  • I've been shooting and bow hunting all my life in Ohio. I started in precision shooting two years ago with my first left handed rifle which was built by Mark and Dan at SAC. Recently purchased a DT SRS in 6.5 cm and 338 LM. Greg at Primal Rights has been an enormous help to me, so I figured if he's over here it's gotta be a good spot with good people.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Patrick Quinn out of Glendale AZ and I am a long range shooting addict. I have been shooting since I was 10, but in the last year I have really enjoyed getting into long range. I went from 200 yards at the local range and had an opportunity to shoot at 1000 yards and have been hooked ever since. I look forward to learning a lot here and sharing any experience I can. Currently I work as an electrician with a little over 10 years under my belt, I have done residential, high voltage roadway lighting and traffic signals.

  • Good afternoon, I was weeklycigar on the primalrights forum...
    Not an expert by any measure but been around firearms my whole life, have a passion for shooting and collecting firearms especially historically significant arms. I read a lot and have handled many types of handguns, rifles, shotguns etc. Learned a ton hanging around primalrights forum and reading Greg's articles, and always looking to expand my knowledge and experience. Glad to be here!

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    Welcome aboard. Glad to see you made the transition to the new forum!

  • @gunguy308 said:

    Hi everyone, I'm Patrick Quinn out of Glendale AZ and I am a long range shooting addict. I have been shooting since I was 10, but in the last year I have really enjoyed getting into long range. I went from 200 yards at the local range and had an opportunity to shoot at 1000 yards and have been hooked ever since. I look forward to learning a lot here and sharing any experience I can. Currently I work as an electrician with a little over 10 years under my belt, I have done residential, high voltage roadway lighting and traffic signals.

    Okay, I supply the beer and materials, you can come over and help me re-wire some stuff, lol.

  • @norcal_in_az
    I'll help you with some wiring if you teach me how to reload.

  • @gunguy308

    I think we can work that out.

  • Hello friends, I'm Marc from Missouri and I've been pulling triggers and collecting '03s for over 35 years. My knowledge is primarily bedded in wood, as my sticks were manufactured in the earlier part of this century, so I am here on a learning expedition! In addition to collecting '03s, I have, in the past, done a bit of pistol competition and a little auto racing (vintage). Still have my '70 Mustang SCCA comp-MACH I. I Sure I will gain from the folks at this site.

  • Hello Folks! My name is Jim and I live in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been shooting for quite sometime. Since I was young really. Nothing competitive as of yet. I was in the service for 7 years. I am currently a Police Officer and have been working in that capacity for over 22 years. I am no expert by any means. When appropriate I will share everything that I have learned over the years. Besides its not my knowledge I got it from someone else. I am usually pretty quiet in these forums but will do what I can to help. My best to you all.

  • Hi all! I'm Kristen, Greg's other half. I didn't get into shooting until I met Greg. I stay home raising and schooling our little monsters, care for all our animals and help out where needed. :) Cooking, home remedies and homemade products are my main passion and I'm very thankful Greg has given me a space here to share them with you.

    As for guns, I grew up around guns but never really liked them because they were loud and the recoil was horrible. My parents frequently shot large caliber guns without proper ear protection and encouraged us kids to give them a whirl, and so grew my dislike of guns. I never hated them or thought they were evil, just not for me. Well that all changed once Greg took the time to show me how to properly shoot and he also showed me that I am left eye dominant, which made all the difference in my ability to shoot. He bought me my very first gun, a Savage Mark II .22 which has proven to be pretty dead on. I have a handful of other guns but my .22 is my favorite. I'm not much of a paper puncher but give me a live target to hit and I'll nail it. We had an infestation of rats one summer and shooting them in the head while they were feeding on our bird seed was a whole lot of fun! Mice jumping around in the grass are extremely fun targets as well. There is rarely a day that goes by that my .22 isnt' being shot. I love that thing! My X D 9mm pistol is a close 2nd. I eventually want to get into precision shooting, but raising the kiddos and other things are too time consuming right now.

    I look forward to learning more about precision shooting here and eventually joining in the experience!

  • @gash you poor lady. Someone has to love him though. J/k Greg. Love the recipes. If you keep posting them, my fat ass won't fit through the front door. My wife sells essential oils, so if you are looking for some natural remedies I can give you her info.

  • @superman1216 have her join and post them up :)

    And more recipes will be coming. I have TONS, hehe

  • Dan Calala here. I have been a avid hunter for close to 30 years. Blasting ground hogs is my passion. The last 4.5 years I have worked for Mark Gordon of Short Action Customs. I started out as a customer of Mark's. Now, I do a little bit of everything at the shop with the majority being: fitting, bedding, Cerakote and assembly.

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    Welcome to GunHive Dan! I look forward to hearing your expertise on the forums.

  • Hi Everyone,
    My name is Max McCarthy, I am new to the precision rifle world and haven't competed at all. I am a New Englander so it is rare that I get any far shots. I enjoy hunting anything from squirrels to deer. I and currently a college student and enjoy shooting rifles because they're more fun than drugs.I am looking forward to growing within my abilities, and my knowledge here.
    Thank you everyone, look forward to being involved here and adding what I can.

  • My name is Adam. I've been shooting and hunting for about 25 years. In the last 5 years I started shooting more consistently and reloading. I've made a gradual move away from shooting primarily to prepare for hunting and towards shooting for the sake of shooting. Lately precision shooting (if you can call it that) has occupied most of my time. I typically shoot for groups at 200-300 hundred yards and steel from 500-700 yards. I heard about this forum on one of podcasts I listen to. I Checked it out immediately to see what people were reloading for 6.5 Creedmoor as I'm nearly complete my latest build.

  • Hello,
    My name is Kurt, I have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. I have been shooting since I was old enough to hold a gun up. I have been long range shooting for 10 years. I shoot at local long range matches out to 1000yds, and hunt ground hogs and coyotes in local fields. I deer and turkey hunt. I try to help everyone and introduce new people into the sport.

  • Hello, my name is Dave. I live in Worthington Minnesota. I have been shooting for over 20 years, mostly shotgun, pistol and rimfires. I'm a Machinist/toolmaker by trade but do not currently have access to equipment. i have rebarelled rifles and revolvers but have only shot to 200 yards. Looking to learn alot from all of you veterans about long range. Thanks

  • My Name is Jonathan I live in East TN. I have very little experience with precision shooting been working on that some over the past couple years. My brother (ddd007) has been helping me get started into it with a budget build 700. I mostly just enjoy guns of all sorts and plinking for fun. It has been a hobby since I first fired a 10-22 on my dads lap when i was 3 years old.

  • Hi folks, Eric C here
    Was listening to precision rifle podcast and heard the gun hive interview - great idea to set up a gun log and share searchable load data!

    I live in south central North Dakota and spend many hours in the winter months reading forums and planning load development. I am fond of Tikka T3's and own 2 Sporters (.223 & 6.5x55), a stainless light (.223 1:8 twist) and a stainless Hunter (30-06). Also have a B-mag 17wsm in a Boyd's Varminter and an ISSC SPA in 17hmr. I need to have my rifles threaded for the 2 suppressors I have waiting on tax stamps (Dakota silencer Varminter 3.0 30 cal & Mack bros Tango rimfire).
    I can't resist trying new reloading gadgets and will try to limit my comments to those products I have personally used (the other hobby I indulge during the long winters).
    I'm looking forward to conversing on the forums, and glad to be here!

  • Hey Every , I am Bret From Norther UT, I Grew up shooting with my dad off the back porch of our house were we had a full shooting range set up with swingers at 10, 15, 25, and 50 yards shooting mainly pistols, and the occasional rifle with iron sights. I was an IDPDA competitor for about 5 years. got into Long range shooting back around 2002 shooting a Remington 700 in and AI chassis.
    I currently Run A Desert Tech in 308 and 338 and a Remington 700 in 308, and am in the process of building my 6.5 creadmore.
    I have about 240 acres that we love to get out and shot on and am in the process of setting up a full course out to, we hope, 1000 but have a confirmed line for 850 yards. I love to shoot, and enjoy the sound of lead on steel. If any one is in Northern Ut Ogden area we shoot most Saturdays on our private land or in the west desert to really stretch it out there. message me and come join.


  • Welcome, 240 sounds about like a quarter, 1000 is possible but that's shooting corner to corner.

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    Welcome to GunHive! You will have to get some pictures of your place up on here. I would look forward to seeing the progress on your range if you would be so kind to share.

  • Yeah the 1000 yards is possible as the land is not a square the issue is if we can get past the Tress and brush in the gully. As our land is in the Mountains here in UT elevation is 5000 feet. Yeah ill definitely get some pics up as we build out the range.
    thanks glad to be here.
    Set up on the range
    The range we Officially have 100, 300, 500, 800, and 1000 yards
    The pic above you can see the 500 and the 800 yard targets the 800 is just above and to the right of the cows
    Yep we even have animal hazadrs. #GolfForMen

  • My name is Dan, I live in West Central Wisconsin.
    I attended one of Greg's Customer appreciation training events and quickly discovered he knows his shit and is an excellent source of no B.S. information!
    I'm a novice at long range shooting and will be reading a lot more than posting here. I look forward to a forum without the drama that others seem to like to provide!

  • Welcome aboard Dan!

  • I'm Dewey from central Ohio.
    My paying gig is as a financial advisor and let's me afford my toys.
    Grew up on a farm, working and shooting stuff. Started with birds (pheasants, quail) but they're gone now. Rifles were 22s and an old sporterized Krag my dad inherited. Bought a 788 in 6 mm my first year in college and hit all the surrounding states for deer for a few years and camped in the pickup bed.
    Bought quite a few more firearms of different persuasions and haven't stopped yet.
    Did the whole NRA Instructor bit and still have fun with that occasionally.
    I've rebarrelled,bedded, replaced triggers and such on quite a few of my own rifles. Started doing Savages as it was pretty easy and decent barrels were inexpensive.
    Primarily I'm a hunter and most of my rifles are for that purpose.
    I am easily fascinated by different or unique cartridges which have resulted in more rifles.
    I do like to stretch them out occasionally and see what we can do although I am by no means a long range hunter.

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    Welcome to GunHive Dewey. I've only been to Ohio once and it was to visit a friend in Akron but that was around 10 years ago. How much hunting is there in Ohio or do you mostly have to go to other states for good hunting?

    Anyway welcome and I look forward to seeing your contributions to the site!

  • Deer is the only Ohio "big game". Rifle (approved straight wall cartridges only) is the week after Thanksgiving. Small game and some birds in select areas.
    But you are correct that traveling is involved in other hunts.

  • Hi guys, I'm Grant. I live in SW Montana. I'm just getting into long range shooting but I've been shooting all my life. This is my first shooting oriented forum (I go by MThuntr on some hunting forums). I'm planning my first target rifle build and hope to have my lists of wants & needs before too long. I've already decided that it will be on one of the available custom actions which will be a first for me as I've always shot factory rifles. I hope to learn a lot from the group.

  • Welcome aboard! If there's anything I can help with, just shout. I've written some articles that might be of help to you:

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    Welcome @rngrfromthemtns! Looking forward to seeing what you end up with and all your progress. Make sure you put your rifle in your profile!

  • Hi, my name is Ramiro Rodriguez, I was born in TX, lived in IL, and now live in Colorado Springs. I have been hunting since was about 13-14, mostly white tail deer in TX. Aside from a 22 my dad had, my 1st hunting gun was a 30-06 that I borrowed from a friend. I killed my 1st deer with it, a 10-point buck, and the gun kicked the shit out of me. LOL. I am a conservative Catholic American that loves his country, love and appreciate the military, and loves to shoot. I am married to my beautiful bride of 20 years and we have 4 kids, 2 about to go to college in 2018.

    I work as an engineering manager in the telecom industry and have been in this capacity for 18 years. I also work part time at my parish as the director of liturgy and funeral liaison.

    I started shooting a local match the summer of last year with a Savage LRH in 6.5x284 Norma and a Nikon buckmasters 4-12x50 scope (don't laugh). Last May I bought a Savage LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor and up until 2 weeks ago, I had that Nikon scope on it. I just put Burris XTR II 5-25 SCR scope and I love it. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of time to shoot because my wife and I are starting a new business. I am still doing load development for my LRP since I can't seem to find cheap bullets that are always available.

    I have been reloading for about 4 years but I am still learning about reloading for precision shooting. I use Greg's templates for my shooting log books and have been more than pleased with those, but I am sure I am not getting the most out of them yet. I'd be happy to share what I know if it will help others, but I am mostly still learning, so I tend to ask a lot more questions than to answer them. I am happy to be here and I look forward to learning from all the generous people here.

  • Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! Better late than never. ;)

  • @orkan Yeah, I have been tide up with trying to get the new business off the ground so I have little time to participate. Today, I decided to take a bit of a break and come and see what is new.

  • Exciting. What's the new business?

  • @orkan Real estate, predominantly rental properties. It started as an idea to help the kids for college, just get a couple of rentals to generate positive cash flow to help the kids with college expenses. Rent some rooms to kids friends and they can live for free while the property gets paid by the rent. But as we looked at one college area, we realized that student rent is between $250-$350/month/student, and we could get a 4 or 5 bedroom house for less than $90K in that area. That means our mortgage payment including taxes, insurance, a percentage for repairs, etc. is around $500 but we could be getting $1000+ in rent. So the light bulb went off and it's now gotten to the point of thinking about converting our 401k and IRA into a self directed IRA, buy some rentals with that $$ and all the rent $$ goes back into the IRA and it grows tax free. Way we figure, getting rentals around a college means a fresh supply of tenants each year, the house gets paid off by the rent, and in 10-15 years the rent is almost 100% profit, minus taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. Get 15-20 houses near colleges, and in 15-20 years we would have a nice retirement portfolio of properties that we could either continue to rent or sell off as needed.

    It's not sexy, but after the last promotion I got at work with a whopping .8% salary increase, this is something I can do in my spare time, and could potentially allow me to leave my job. Then I'd have time to shoot more. :-)

  • @ramirojpc

    I buy rental properties on the side. It can be a headache at times, but it lets someone else pay the note on your properties. I don't have a real retirement plan other than the rentals. When they are paid for I can retire.

  • Hello!

    My name is Scott, and I currently live up in North Pole, Alaska (yes, it is a real place, and there is a Santa's House.) The nice thing about interior AK is we have a ton of public land, and we have found a few places we can shoot out to a mile. I am an Army Infantry Officer, and am lucky enough to have built relationships with my Sniper section, so we get to geek out sometimes. I am a numbers nerd, and love the science of long range. I am trying to get into hunting, but so far it has been taking my guns for walks in the woods. I look forward to coming back down to the warmer states eventually and calling for coyotes, and enjoying the open space.

    I started trying to get into the long range thing while I lived in CO, but didn't dedicate enough time to it. I then spent a year in GA, getting fundamentals down, and finally bought a bolt gun in 308. Moved to Alaska a year later, and have been up here for 2.5 years now. Still shooting the same tired 308, as she is needing a new barrel. I have had gotten better at long range shooting, pushing my 308 out to 1150m. Still terrible at reading wind, but it makes it interesting.

  • Welcome!

    You can send that 308 to TS Customs for a new barrel. :)

  • Hello, Michael from Colorado here. I am relatively new to long range shooting. I grew up around guns and have been elk hunting my whole life, (my shots have all been under 200 yards or so). I participate in a monthly .22 rifle match, also enjoy shooting my 1911 and some wing shooting in the Fall.

    I recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 308 to replace my old sporterized 1917 in 30-06. So far I have been working on breaking in my rifle and trying different ammunition. I plan on heading to an indoor 100 yard range on Monday to get a nice zero. Hoping to harvest a Mule Deer Doe and Cow Elk this year.

    I joined the site after hearing about it on the Precision Rifle Podcast. I will be getting into reloading this Winter and look forward to learning and participating in the forum.