Considering a Handgun Optic

  • I am considering a handgun optic. Just to try it out I am planning to mount a Aimpoint T1 to my ruger mark 2, but if I like it I will upgrade to something more conducive for handgun.

    I am considering Trijicon RMR, Leupold deltapoint pro, and C-More

    I am curious as to what experience each of you might have with any of these. I prefer actual experience as "my buddy has one" is not the same as "I have owned and shot one for a few years". Also...If you have experience with more than one of these that would be exceptional as sometimes we think what we have is the best thing out there until we are able to compare it to something else. Also...If there is another brand I am missing that is on par or better than these then please let me know. I am not set on these or this price range either...I just want something good that I won't have to send back for warranty work after a 1000 rounds.

    I am very curious as well as to how the Dual light Trijicon works. I love the idea of not having batteries, but I want something I can still use in dim and dark situations. I don't want to sacrifice usability for convenience.

    At this point I plan to use this on a Mark 2, an FNX tactical, and maybe eventually on my EDC glock 19.

  • I've been running several trijicon RMR's for a few years. Great stuff. Never had a need to try any other one.

    I have the one that runs off batteries. RM06

  • @orkan

    have you had a chance to try the dual light version that runs without batteries?

  • I have used a couple of them, but the dots were too large for my liking. The RM06 has a tiny dot which was more my speed. They may have some more models with smaller dots now... it's been a few years since I've used any other than my own.

  • I have a Burris FastFire III on a Ruger 22/45. I got this setup primarily for my wife but she doesn't really get out much. I sneak it to the range once and a while and can't get home without putting 200 rounds through it. The Burris has been great for plinking. Easy to turn on and flip through brightness options. Haven't had any issues with reliability or function. I only have 2 complaints:

    1. The optic sits a little high. It is mounted to a rail on top of the 22/45. Still fast to acquire but a little different feel than lower iron sights.

    2. Now I want to get an optic for all of my pistols.