325yds, standing, 3" diamond.

  • There is a tripod thread going on snipershide and it prompted me to get some video through the scope to demonstrate how this new RRS fluid head is working.

    This shot was taken standing from the following tripod kit: Really Right Stuff TVC-33 legs, TA-3-LC-HK leveling base, FH-350 fluid head. Target is a 3" diamond at 325yds. Apologies for the terrible video, but this torrey pines unit is absolutely a pain to get setup, and I didn't feel like changing my diopter just to attempt to get things cleared up. I've not been able to be this precise from a standing position with any other kit.


  • Nice shot, wow.

  • Something was bugging me...

    I took a tape measure and measured the diamond. It's 3" wide and 5" tall. For some reason I thought it was 4" but I should have measured. :)