Are your custom barrels serial numbered?

  • I'm curious to know if the aftermarket barrels in the US are serialized? The reason I ask, where I am from you are issued a licence for a firearm which shows the serial number of the barrel, action and frame/reciever. You cannot change any of these without getting a new licence (licences take months and that's excluding the time it takes for the Smith to get the go ahead from the state to be allowed to change anything, which takes months). Now I heard a rumour that one could, theoretically, go to the US for a shooting competition, and of course you take a backup rifle. If that backup rifle were to, by some very unfortunate series of events, end up at a US gunsmith that accidentally changed out the barrel and trued the action, and after realising the mistake, correct the mistake by engraving the serial number of the original barrel to try and cover up the mistake in hopes that the customer doesn't notice. Could such an unfortunate scenario occur legally in the US? I would hate for a gunsmith to get into trouble for such an unfortunate mistake.

  • The receiver is the gun and wears the serial number. I have no comment to the aforementioned unfortunate scenario; however, shit happens.:laughing:

  • I won't comment as to the legality....but practically you will have trouble finding a good smith that is caught up enough to rebarrel a rifle while you wait.

    The only barrel blank I have held before sending to the smith was a Kreiger and it had a serial number stamped on the end...however that serial number was promptly cut off by the smith as he installed the barrel.

  • United States smiths don't give a flying shit about the laws where you are from.

    Schedule your visit with them in advance, and I'd bet it could be made to happen.

  • I know there's a smith in Southern California that does work while you wait.

  • @orkan I'm sure they don't. I'm just not sure if something like that can be done. Essentially when the rifle comes back into the country, the serials need to read like it does on the license.... You know, after the gunsmith fixed his unfortunate mistake... ;)

  • Almost all gunsmiths engrave barrels as it stands... so putting a serial number on the barrel somewhere wouldn't be an issue for most.

  • @orkan didn't know that, thanks :)