This is bullshit!!


    I do not agree with what these oil fuck heads did or their fucking security at all. They knew they needed these fucked up commie security guards because they knew what they were doing was down right wrong.

    Let's see if any gov't official steps in on this on to do the right thing. I betting not, those fucking two faced lying pussies.

  • Ever spent any time on the reservations in the Dakotas?

    I don't know the specifics of this situation, but suffice it to say that the native americans are a conquered people. ... and as with most conquered people they will take every opportunity to seek handouts and welfare. You don't dare leave anything of value in your vehicle on a res. Locked or unlocked... doesn't matter. I could tell you literally hundreds of first hand experiences I have with the natives on the res... but there is little point.

    I will say there is almost no chance that the indians involved in this mess are on the right side of the law OR morality. If history is any teacher, they are looking for money. Pure and simple.

  • My first team chief in the Army was from North Dakota.

    He always used to say, "We should have done a better job of wiping them out the first time" when talking about Indians.

  • Yeah, it's easy to adopt the romantic hollywood view of native americans. However, unless you've spent any time on a real reservation and saw them for what they are instead of what hollywood wants them to be, you really can't understand.

    Obviously they aren't all that way. There are lots of good folks I've met whom are native american. Though they hate the same things about "their people" as we do.

  • Well this ended as everyone here knew it would. The "protectors of the environment" leaving devastation in their wake.


    Where there are indians... there is garbage and environmental destruction. All you have to do is drive through a reservation to know this.

  • The attitude that "this is our land and we will do as please on it" attitude prevails.
    It is just another group scam similar to black leadership scams of pimps Jesse Jackass and Al not so Sharpton.
    See it here also with certain groups. They all seem to attract the non working, substance abuse class.

  • @mamalukino said:

    They all seem to attract the non working, substance abuse class.

    Who else has the time to go to these "protests!?!?!"

  • Unreal. Thanks for sharing as I had no idea about the Native American realities.

  • Easy to see why my Grandfather joined the Navy and never went back.
    1937 there weren't many options for a Seneca boy on the Tonawanda near Buffalo, NY.
    All they do now is sell cigarettes on I-90.

  • Next time I drive through one of our many reservations here... I'll snap some pics. It's as close as you can get to 3rd world without leaving the USA. Closer you get to mexican border looks the same way. Just trash everywhere. Dilapidated houses. Trashed cars. etc.

  • Banned

    I can't seem to find the picture I took of "clothes creek". We went through a res a couple years ago right after a pretty wet season. Clothes were caught in all of the trees in that creek bed, from top to bottom.

  • The res's here in the southwest can't be any better than those in the Dakotas. I drove through one last fall in the four corners area of NM and thought I was back in Oakland, except dirtier.