Hornady ELDX report from Darrell Holland

  • Those that are busy jerking each other off over the new hornady bullets seem intent to bury any real information regarding their performance. It was refreshing to see this in a recent holland newsletter after an african plains game hunt.

    143 Hornady ELD-X. Cliff shot a lot of animals with this bullet and the results were sporadic. It did kill well with many DRTs, however, when bullets were recovered the lead core always separated from the jacket.

  • I figured that would happen.

    All of Hornady's "interlock" style of bullets seem to have bad core and jacket seperate on issues.

    And they don't like to do bonded bullets, which makes sense as it drives up costs.

    How though is this something to be worried about when Bergers do the same thing?

  • I'm not making a statement one way or the other on their performance. However, I'm growing tired of hornady's ever-present marketing campaign and how ridiculously sheep-like people are in slurping it up and regurgitating it at will... shouting down any negative first-hand experiences to the contrary.

    I'm a fan of REAL truth being propagated.

  • Their marketing department is certainly tiresome and overzealous.

    I was hoping for a bonded version when I heard they were working on this.