How much more!!


    Just exactly how much more does anyone really think these niggers are owed. I for one feel that we owe them fucking nothing. If they work hard then they deserve the same as the one next to them nothing more, if they apply for a job and can do the job better then the other applicants then they deserve the job (not because they are black), yes "affirmative action" employers do just that (I was a victim of that once).
    I have no problem with anyone regardless of race or color having what I have or better so long as they do what I have to do to get something and maintain what I have, FUCKING work your ass of for it!!

  • @datec If you really didn't care about color or race why use the N word? I'm not offened or need a safe space, lol. Just trying to point out how that takes away from you making your point.

    Personally, human scum is all the same no matter what their race.

  • There are white and black niggers I don't use that word for just blacks, I should have clarified that, my bad. I work with the public and see all kinds of useless people that think I owe them something and that is also coming from a variety of races and colors. This gov't is causing a real racial divide and the black's are falling for it, instigated by Jackson, Sharpton and Soros (white nigger) (the money backer). They are really making the black's look stupid and the actions of the ass hats burning whole towns because of a useless piece of shit getting killed and of all those protesters how many got Arrested?

    Work your ass off as a Rancher providing food, what do you get from the gov't, killed and your land stolen your cattle killed and never has anyone ever said thank you or sorry. Live life as a scum bag useless piece of shit and get everything for free including an "Ivy League Ed" and if you say you failed the test because it was too hard and your black don't worry you will get a special test (yes that really happens, most notably in the FD sector where blacks have said the test was too hard).


    Really!? The list of demands just keep getting bigger and I'm sure it won't be the last. Wait for the Chinese to demand the rail road back if this issue isn't squashed like a bug. We would all be better off if people like this would just dry up and go away they just insight the bad actions of the ones looking for a free ride and there are just wayyy to many of those kind of people. The black people I know and respect have worked their ass off and a lot do better then me financially and I don't care because I know they worked for it. The problem for me comes when someone does as good or better then me and is a useless piece of crap that does nothing to contribute to the area they live. I'm all for equal rights and fairness but will not accept that because I'm black I'm in titled to more horse shit. Those days are long gone it's time to grow up and stand on your own 2 feet and get over it what we all did to the American Indian was far worse and I feel if any culture should have an issue it would be them but nobody seems to care about that enough to bring that up.

    I betting that a lot of the people reading this never had ancestors involved in what took place, 1/2 mine were from Poland so why would I have to be included in anything, just because my skin color is white? Talk about racism.