Code of Conduct

  • Gunhive Forums Code of Conduct

    All participants on Gunhive must agree to the Terms of Use. This Code of Conduct (CoC) is meant to outline general behavior guidelines on the forum specifically.

    1) Be who you are, not who you want others to think you are.
    Gunhive values first hand experience above all. This is not like many other forums, where anyone can say whatever they want without expecting resistance. Here you are expected to tie your real lives and experience to your online personality. If you are a full time construction contractor, you better not expect to be telling a professional gunsmith how to build rifles. We encourage everyone to voice their opinions on equipment and techniques that they have experienced first hand. The administrators and moderators will have no patience for people that want to hand out advice when they lack adequate experience to be doing so. Statements and opinions which are not backed by experience will be quickly dealt with here. Demonstration of competence is not difficult if you are competent. Demonstrations of experience are not difficult if you have adequate experience. Virtually every other forum related to firearms allows extremely inexperienced people to be handing out advice and getting in arguments with very experience people. This will not be tolerated here. If you expect what you say here to have any weight, then you must be able to demonstrate competence. There is an introductions thread in the General Conversation section of the forums. That is a great place to share your shooting resume. Too many thousands of dollars and untold quantities of time are wasted by new shooters as a result of being mislead by inexperienced people on forums. We at Gunhive feel this to be the most significant problem that faces new shooters when they are in search of valid answers to their questions.

    2) Be respectful.
    If everyone follows rule #1, then rule #2 will be easy to come by. Talk to others here on the forums with respect. You can voice the fact that you disagree with someone else, but if you cannot do so respectfully, then you will be shown the hatch. You are not allowed to attack the person, but rather their opinions. This means you can disagree with a person's opinion, but you can not attack them personally. If you must resort to name calling and other childish behavior, then you have already lost the argument anyway. Simply state your own opinion, and provide as much first-hand data and experience to solidify your position as possible. Rest assured that if you are the voice of dissent, then the burden of proof will often fall upon you. Present your case resolutely, but respectfully. If you feel the other party does not warrant your respect, then you can simply flag the post for a moderator and we will have a subject matter expert look into the matter.

    3) Admins or moderators rulings are final.
    If you decide to disrespect an admin or moderator of Gunhive, your time here will be very short. If you have an issue with an admin or moderator, use the Chat function to solve disputes privately.

    More will be added if necessary, but we'll start there! If everyone can follow these 3 simple rules, there will be no need for more.