Hey Eberlestock...

  • 1995 called. They want their website back.


    Seriously... what these guys charge for their shit, and they can't afford a modern website?

  • The orange on black gave me a headache. Was the e-commerce function messed up?

  • No idea. No way in hell I'll give my credit card info to a website that shitty.

    If I want one of their packs, I'll get it off amazon.

  • It's so freaking true! Worst website I've seen for a company that good. I too ordered my pack (FacTrac, great pack BTW, BUT YOU HAVE TO BUY IT TO FIND OUT LMAO) recently - off Amazon.

    Hell it's impossible to see really what their gear has to offer. I had to do searches elsewhere to get the needed info on anything the sell.