looking to start load development on my 338 lapua mag?

  • Hey Orakin/everyone what Bullet and powder would you recommend to start with for my load development for my 338 Lapua Mag. Looking to Push the distance.

  • What twist is your barrel? Length?
    What are you shooting with it? At what distances?

  • Sorry Of course its the 26 inch DTA 1-10 twist

  • Just making sure. ;)

    I'd start with a hornady 285 in front of a 88gr load of retumbo. Lapua brass and your choice of magnum primer.

    You'll probably run into a load somewhere around 91 to 93gr.

  • Awesome thanks

  • Finally got around to testing a few loads 100 yards

    Top left 91.9 GR
    Top Right 91.7
    Bottom Left 91.5

    Behind the 285 hornady match

    Next ill do some distance testing with the low node of 91.5

    and test for a high node between 92-93 grains

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